As the society progresses, the Fixed LED Video Display develops

- Jan 25, 2019-

Outdoor Fixed LED Video Display has always been the first-line platform for media display. It has become the darling of the market with its high brightness, wide audience, wide viewing angle and strong environmental adaptability. A variety of creative displays of advertising screens are constantly emerging. In addition to the traditional fixed-mounted Fixed LED Video Display, the fixed LED Video Display can be said to be an emerging branch, pushing the outdoor Fixed LED Video Display. A higher peak.

The vehicle's Fixed LED Video Display is a kind of equipment installed on the vehicle. It uses the power supply to receive and output data to the LED unit board through the control card, and displays the text, picture, animation and video equipment by controlling the dot matrix. The installed carriers are mainly concentrated in taxis, buses, police cars, etc.

In the car fixed LED Video Display market, it is especially worth mentioning that the mobile media car. The LED mobile media car is mainly composed of a car frame, a Fixed LED Video Display and other ancillary equipment. It has a high-definition, full-color and delicate display, and the advertising effect is excellent. It can be seen in both urban and rural areas.

LED mobile media car Fixed LED Video Display looks stylish and full-featured, making the release of outdoor advertising no longer subject to the environment; car body mobile speed, publishing advertising information is convenient and efficient. With its excellent advertising campaign effect, LED mobile media vehicles are widely used in news releases, event roadshows, live broadcasts, parade shows, forums, celebrations and other occasions. However, although the mobile media car has a broad market space, due to its light pollution and possible reasons for driving safety, the first-tier cities are subject to policy restrictions and can only be fixed in one place and cannot be moved at will. In some second-tier cities and towns and villages with loose policies, most of them can be used for mobile advertising.