China's Fixed LED Video Display has been developed for so many years.

- Jan 25, 2019-

At present, although a lot of Fixed LED Video Display is involved in the car screen market, in the mobile media car market, the attention is obviously not enough. Of course, this is related to the characteristics of the car screen. Due to the special application environment, the car screen itself is more demanding and stricter than the ordinary Fixed LED Video Display. For example, it must have the functions of anti-vibration, waterproof and dustproof, and objectively improve the advertising screen enterprise. The threshold of intervention has increased the difficulty for companies to enter this market.

However, in the foreseeable future, with the further expansion of the outdoor advertising market, as an important carrier of outdoor advertising, the car fixed LED Video Display will also usher in the development of speed.

After years of development, China's Fixed LED Video Display has been widely used in outdoor advertising media. In some places with large numbers of high-quality advertising resources, the display is in a "saturated" state, plus in recent years, Fixed LED Video Display has a certain negative impact on the display due to the light pollution caused by high brightness. Some cities have restricted and rectified the installation of the advertising screen, which forced the advertising screen manufacturers to start to change their development ideas and opened up the Fixed LED Video Display. This market segment.

Fixed LED Video Display mainly refers to Fixed LED Video Display, which is suitable for street lamps on both sides of highways and streets. Although the area is smaller than that of large screens, it can carry out a variety of road advertisements. Compared with traditional light box advertisements, LEDFixed LED Video Display can display dynamic video ads, play more promotional content, and attract more attention, which greatly enhances the effect of advertising. Moreover, compared with the Fixed LED Video Display, the installation is also much more convenient, saving manpower and material costs, and can be said to be only "small and excellent". In addition, because the Fixed LED Video Display features synchronous reception, simultaneous playback, and more than 140 degrees of viewable design, even if the vehicle pedestrians rush, the advertising content can be clearly seen.