Civilian market-the star sea of ​​fine pitch led display

- Mar 01, 2021-

To predict the key words of 2021, small-pitch LEDs must be on the list. With the overall calm performance of the professional display market, small-pitch LEDs can be said to carry the greatest expectations of the commercial display market.


   According to relevant market research data, as the demand for LED displays in the rental market, HDR market applications, retail department stores, and conference rooms increases, the global LED display market will reach 9.349 billion U.S. dollars in 2022. The scale of the market from 2 billion US dollars to nearly 10 billion US dollars in capacity, the market growth rate reached 28%. Under the circumstances that the overall market environment is not optimistic, it is indeed dazzling to be able to maintain such an astonishing growth rate.

The "2020 China Commercial Display White Paper" pointed out that under the raging global epidemic, in the first three quarters of 2020, domestic small-pitch LEDs achieved growth against the trend. The installed area reached 201,000 square meters, an increase of 41% year-on-year, and sales reached 7.526 billion yuan, year-on-year. An increase of 8.7%. It is estimated that annual sales will be more than 10 billion.

   In many sub-industries, small-pitch LEDs are also growing against the trend. For example, in the first three quarters of 2020, small-pitch LED screens accounted for 62.8% of the market share of large government (government departments, public services, and public security). At the same time, With the effective control of the domestic epidemic, the construction of smart cities and smart transportation is still in full swing as planned. The demand for small-pitch LED products in these areas has not decreased significantly, and some have increased.

   Take the command and control center as an example. The number of projects won in the first half of 2020 was 7,362, a year-on-year growth rate of 44%. Especially after the outbreak, the demand for the domestic command and control center system ushered in a new climax, and the small-pitch LED became The leader of the incremental market.

   Different from a few years ago, the small pitch has now completely entered the subdivision field of various commercial displays, especially the vertical field such as conference room, the market cake is huge, Micro-LED, Mini-LED, COB, various small-pitch technologies A hundred flowers bloom to meet the diversified needs of all kinds of users. Small spacing is blooming everywhere in the conference room market, allowing more and more users to recognize the advanced nature and convenience of this technology. The hundreds of billions of commercial display market has become small spacing. LED opened the door.

   If the first stage of the small-pitch LED is to compete for the stock market of the original LCD and DLP display products. Then, after the last round of market shuffling and fighting, the target market of the future small-pitch LED will be a commercial market with a market scale of 100 billion, and even a larger civilian market. Judging from the layout of several major display giants such as Samsung and LG, this strategy has emerged.

   For example, the ultra-fine pitch Micro LED display solution launched by Samsung The Wall series for the commercial market covers pixels with different pitches such as 0.84, 1.26, and 1.68, and is positioned in the high-end commercial market. The Wall has gained a high degree of market attention as soon as it was launched, and it has grown at an amazing speed. According to relevant market data, in 2019, in the LED market below 1.0 pitch, Samsung has risen to the first place in the world. The overall market share has risen to the fifth place in the world.

Consumer giants are far more interested in the commercial market. The successful popularization of the commercial market will eventually cover a larger civilian market, which may be the real goal of these display giants. They are also getting together to enter the small-pitch LED market, which is undoubtedly optimistic about the huge development space of this market. Through commercial products, we cultivate users' trust and loyalty to small-pitch products, and finally promote them to the civilian market, such as theaters, home TVs, and mobile phones. These markets are the stars of the giants.

   The consumerization of professional display products must bring the industry's overall subversion to the audio-visual industry. Just as Haikang entered the LCD splicing market that year, it not only changed the market rules and reshuffled the entire splicing market, but also led LCD to the huge market of security and achieved a major breakthrough in the market application of splicing products. But for practitioners, this process has experienced a lot of pain.

   The same is true for consumer giants entering the commercial display market. Their entry is bound to bring about an unprecedented reshuffle. When all products are scaled and standardized by consumer giants, it will certainly bring users experience improvement, efficiency improvement and cost. The reduction. For professional AV personnel, the depth of the industry's moat may also be being tested. In the future, after gradual integration, it may be the destiny of the audiovisual industry that it eventually moves towards consumerization.