Combine the Actual Application Requirements to Choose the Proper LED Display Screen

- Apr 16, 2019-

Different led screen have different characteristic, so, the user should combine the actual application requirements to choose the proper led display screen when they are purchase.
Generally speaking : for the station、pier、entrance of the big market、the mouth of lift flow guide, you can use the φ5.0 single color 
led display ,it have the advantages such as: Low price, clearly display text and easy control.
For the place which to display corporate image 、advertising and other applications such as the bank 、commercial market, if the low price is most important ,you can use the φ3.75 dual color display; If requirements on the display effects, you can choose the φ5 
full color led display.
For the big area applications like hall, you can choose the φ5 dual color display. If requirements on the display effects, you can choose the φ10 
full color led screen.
For the banks, postal services, electricity and other services of the business hall window with function defined, there used to the stickers, but very unfixable. Now, you can use the φ3 or φ5 
led panel display to display, can change the service function of the window at any time.