Eight key points to ensure the quality of LED display

- Aug 22, 2019-

LED display has the problem of technology cost. Many enterprises invest too much in technology, leading to the high price of LED display. How to ensure the quality of LED display technically and reduce the cost at the same time? Eight technical controls are needed to guarantee the quality of LED display screen.

1. Heat dissipation performance of LED display

If the cooling performance of LED display is poor and the temperature is too high, the stability of LED will be affected. In the long run, LED display will accelerate the performance attenuation. Therefore, in this aspect, it is necessary to do a good job in heat dissipation design of PCB board and heat dissipation and ventilation of box body.

2. Virtual welding

When the LED display does not light up, it is most likely due to virtual welding. Virtual welding involves many aspects, so it must be done here in detail. Strict inspection must also be done when leaving the factory.

3. The vertical degree of the LED display must be well controlled

A small deviation will directly affect the LED brightness consistency. Will cause inconsistent patches to appear. The LED must be perpendicular to the PCB board.

4. Anti-static LED display screen

For anti - static LED display manufacturers must do enough to do this. All kinds of electrical protection Settings must be in place, and should be tested regularly.

5. Mixed LED lights

Leds with different brightness levels of the same color need to mix lights. If there is a problem with this program, LED display will show local differences in brightness, which directly affects the appearance of LED display.

6. LED calorific value

Normally, the maximum usage current of LED cannot be 80% higher than the standard value of 20MA. If the screen is of small spacing, the current value must be reduced.

7. Drive circuit design

If the drive circuit is not well designed, the LED brightness around the LED display will be lower than the middle.

8. Strictly control the temperature and time of wave soldering

The preheating temperature is 100℃±5℃, and the highest temperature is no more than 120℃, and the preheating temperature is required to rise steadily, the welding temperature is 245℃±5℃, and the welding time is recommended to be no more than 3 seconds, after passing through the furnace, do not vibration or impact the LED, until the return to normal temperature. The temperature parameter of wave crest welding machine should be checked regularly.

Every step of LED display technology is the processing of details. The better the details are done, the higher the quality of LED display will be. At the same time, China's LED technology needs further innovation and more communication with the world. I believe that in the future, China's LED industry will be even better.