Fixed Led Display Screen Installation Method

- Oct 28, 2019-

LED display products are currently used in many areas of the market, depending on the application field and installation environment, LED display installation methods are also different. Today bright color for you to collate a history of the most complete LED display installation, for your reference. The main introduction of suspension type, floor type, embedded, column type, support type, wall type 6 kinds of common installation.

Fixed installation led video wall

Haning way:


As shown in figure:

1. Haing type

1) this installation method is mostly used indoors and semi-outdoors

2) it is generally used at the entrance of passageways and corridors, as well as at the entrance of stations, railway stations and subway stations

3) it is used for traffic guidance on highways, railways and expressways

4) screen body design generally adopts integrated cabinet design, or hoisting structure design

Insert type

Led display board-insert

2. Insert installation

1) the whole LED display body is embedded into the wall, and the display plane is at the same horizontal plane as the wall.

2) simple box design is generally adopted

3) pre-maintenance (front maintenance design) is generally adopted.

4) this installation method can be used both indoors and outdoors, but it is generally used with small spacing and small display area.

5) it is generally used at the gate of the building, the hall of the building, etc

Column type

fixed led display

3. Column type (single column and double column)

There are a variety of column installation, generally used as outdoor billboards:

1) single column installation: suitable for small screen applications

2) double-column installation: applicable to large-screen applications

3) closed maintenance channel: suitable for simple cabinet

4) open maintenance channel: applicable to standard cases

Wall mounted type

led board

4. Wall-mounted installation

1) this installation method is usually used indoors or semi-outdoors

2) the display area of the screen is small, generally leaving no room for maintenance channel, the whole screen is taken down for maintenance, or it is made into a folded integral frame

3) the screen area is slightly larger, and pre-maintenance design is generally adopted (i.e. front maintenance design, usually column assembly).

Rooftop type

led display board

5. Rooftop installation

1) this installation method the display screen and the steel frame structure can resist wind force is the key

2) generally installed with an inclined Angle, or the module is designed with an inclined 8°

3) more for outdoor advertising display

Leasing hoisting type

rental led display

6. Leasing hoisting method


The ceiling screen should not be large. It's usually below 6M times 10M. Special box material and bar curtain exception.

Top with hanging beam, bottom with bottom beam. The hanging beam is used to lift the screen.

The row and the row box body are connected with the hoisting mechanism, and the horizontal box body is fastened with the lock.

Hoisting mechanism: gear - type, cone - type, bolt - type.

It has the following different characteristics:

1. Gear type is more expensive, beautiful,

2. Cone rod type price moderate, reliable.

3. Bolt type cheap, reliable, assembly more trouble, suitable for repeated disassembly.

In actual project installation, still have a few other installation means, here not one introduction. These 6 kinds belong to more common installation way, installation difficulty is relatively not big. The main requirement is that installation personnel need to install the operation process to strictly execute, to ensure that the screen body installation qualified and safe, only in this way can really play the spread of LED display screen effect, to meet the requirements of advertisers.