Fixed LED Video Display Media Market Trends

- Jan 25, 2019-

Whenever we drive or walk on the streets, the Fixed LED Video Display will continue to be seen one after another, and is called the "fourth screen" after TV, computer, mobile phone. What does the fourth screen mean for urban people?

The consensus from the media industry is: traditional outdoor advertising, such as large-scale, light box visible distance, single screen, such outdoor media is clearly unable to fully meet the current market demand. With the application of new technologies, new forms of outdoor advertising continue to emerge, and outdoor Fixed LED Video Display media has emerged from time to time. So, what are the trends in outdoor Fixed LED Video Display media?

Five Keyword Interpretations of Fixed LED Video Display Media Market Trends

Media evaluation indicators derived from the Internet industry will gradually replace the traditional media value evaluation method with TV ratings as the core, and become the main new parameter for customers to measure the value of media communication. The outdoor Fixed LED Video Display media industry also needs to keep up with the rhythm of the Internet. As the customer's budget is more related to the return on investment, the delivery needs to be accurately measured, and a marketing communication value database dedicated to LED media is required.