Four strokes teach you how to make Front Service LED Display seconds HD

- Jan 25, 2019-

In order to achieve high-definition display, Front Service LED Display generally requires two basic premise: one is that the video itself must be high-definition, and the other is that the LED display you use must support high-definition display.

With the development of society and the advancement of science, people are increasingly demanding the display effect of LED display screens, and high-definition and ultra-high-definition displays have gradually become the mainstream of the market. The shocking effect of high-definition video images is very strong, and the displayed content is more attractive than traditional video images, and it can better satisfy people's pursuit of high-quality audio-visual. So, in addition to the two basic premise mentioned above, how to make the Front Service LED Display more HD?

Improve the contrast of the Front Service LED Display: Contrast is one of the key factors affecting the visual effect. Generally speaking, the higher the contrast, the clearer and more vivid the image, the brighter the color. High contrast is very helpful for image sharpness, detail performance, and gray level performance. In some text and video displays with large black and white contrast, the high-contrast Front Service LED Display has advantages in black and white contrast, sharpness and integrity. Contrast has a greater impact on dynamic video display. Because the light and dark transitions in moving images are faster, the higher the contrast, the easier it is for the human eye to distinguish the image transition process. The contrast enhancement of Front Service LED Display is mainly to improve the brightness of the LED display and reduce the reflectivity of the display surface. However, the higher the brightness, the better, too high, but it will be counterproductive, not only affecting the life of the LED display, but also It will cause light pollution to adversely affect the environment and people. The Front Service LED DisplayLED panel and LED tube are specially processed to reduce the reflectivity of the LED panel and improve the contrast of the Front Service LED Display.