Front Service LED Display control system intelligence will become the focus of future development

- Jan 25, 2019-

With the continuous development and advancement of Front Service LED Display technology, Front Service LED Display has been able to compete with LCD and DLP products in the market. From the beginning, it can only display a single color, font, and now it can display multimedia information such as pictures, videos, 3D animations, etc. It can also interact with human screens. The intelligent progress of the Front Service LED Display control system is amazing. The Front Service LED Display industry is shifting from rough development to refined production. The pace of reshuffle is also accelerating. The increase in concentration has spawned large enterprises and high-quality brands. In the future, the industry will be more concentrated and the pattern will continue to change.

Home Intelligence Applications Today's technology research and development makes "smart" at your fingertips. In people's lives, more and more automation facilities and smart devices are not only convenient, but also give users a unique experience. As far as the home intelligence application is concerned, there are some Front Service LED Display smart product applications on the market, but it is not ideal enough to meet the needs of the market and users. However, in terms of the prospect of smart applications, the future Front Service LED Display It is impossible to control the intelligent application of the system throughout the family life. In this regard, we have made some bold conjectures in line with the trend of the times. When the first morning sun shines into the room, the transparent Front Service LED Display is your window, which senses the temperature inside and outside the room, and then commands the air conditioning temperature to keep the room comfortable.

The clock on the wall is a huge Front Service LED Display, which can automatically report the time and provide you with an alarm clock wake-up service, which only needs to be done through voice settings. The smart display on the bedroom closet can act as a “mirror mirror”. The screen on all the clothes in the closet can be seen on the screen with just a click, and you can see the effect of trying on it on the screen. Front Service LED Display Control System Intelligent products Toilets, showers, washing machines, and sinks are all user-friendly. The screen is smooth and transparent, which can sense the user's physical changes and usage requirements.