Front Service LED Display Control System Technology Innovation

- Jan 25, 2019-

The development of Front Service LED Display has gone through three stages of monochrome, dual primary color and full color Front Service LED Display. In this development process, the Front Service LED Display control system has also undergone a development process from low gray level 4bit to up to 16bit gray scale, which makes the dynamic display effect of Front Service LED Display continue to improve. Understanding the development of new technologies in the Front Service LED Display control system will help raise awareness of the Front Service LED Display products.

First, the speed of the new technology and new products of Front Service LED Display control system has been significantly accelerated: new technologies and new products are continuously introduced into the market, which proves that the control system is continuously improving and the technology is becoming more and more perfect. However, the homogenization of hardware and the convergence of technology, the future control system will be more focused on software development, and the focus of competition will also be from hardware and price to software competition.

Current control system performance and reliability have been greatly improved compared to earlier control systems. Front Service LED Display back-end control originally used conventional control circuits. With the continuous improvement of control technology and the application of control chips, the control system will generally adopt LED ASICs, which can be based on the characteristics of LED display, grayscale and The pixels are controlled and adjusted, which greatly improves the display brightness and color effects. Due to technical level and cost, LED control chip products are mainly in foreign countries. There are also some manufacturers in China that develop and produce Front Service LED Display control circuits. However, due to performance factors, it will take time to promote them.