Front Service LED Display Industry's new favorite

- Jan 25, 2019-

In recent years, with the development of the industry, it is indispensable that the innovative Front Service LED Display can no longer meet the needs of the industry. The appearance of the special-shaped screen module has enabled the Front Service LED Display to achieve various changes. Modeling, but for a long time before, LED shaped screens were assembled by traditional rectangular flat modules or edging, such as common curved screens and circular screens. However, in the case where the Front Service LED Display has a small arc and the display form is more complicated, the joint and the edge of the shaped module can not solve the seam and flatness, causing the Front Service LED Display to display inconsistency and mosaic. The Front Service LED Display has a poor overall effect, and the "Flexible Front Service LED Display" has emerged to solve this problem.

It is understood that the many advantages of Front Service LED Display are beyond the ordinary curved Front Service LED Display. The soft module LED shaped screen connection surface is different from the traditional Front Service LED Display. The traditional PCB board is made of glass fiber material, and the flexible module is equipped with high-strength magnetic core core connecting device, made of flexible insulating substrate. The flexible FPC circuit board, the mask and the bottom case are made of high-temperature resistant and bend-resistant silicone material, which has high-strength pressure resistance and anti-distortion ability, and can perfectly solve the problems of various "turning corners and corners". Most of the installation methods are mainly magnetic column suction, and the installation method of “one-loading and ready-made” is adopted, that is, the customization of the shape is completed according to the customer's requirements, and then the direct adsorption can be realized to realize one-step installation. The installation method of magnetic suction is as simple as the conventional indoor screen installation method, and the connection line of the box body is connected by the speed of the joint, which is firm and reliable.

In today's product homogenization, and more and more serious today, most small and medium-sized Front Service LED Display companies have to make a unique way to survive, and the flexible Front Service LED Display is very malleable. Can be arbitrarily shaped, this is really a "tool" to achieve a variety of creative display.