How can we better reduce the light pollution of outdoor LED displays?

- Jun 24, 2019-

What work can be done to better reduce the light pollution of outdoor LED displays? We all know that with the development of science and technology, the pollution on the earth will become more and more serious. Of course, the pollution of this LED display is also in it. How to better avoid light pollution and make the outdoor LED display show a real advantage? At present, the powerful giant color has the following methods:

1. LED display area and installation position

According to the distance of viewing and the viewing of the environment, the area and position of the display screen are reasonably planned. Be sure to keep the display installed at a certain degree of inclination and maintain a certain relative height. When the display and the vertical inclination <45 °, this will be more in line with people's perspective, and can also better reduce the direct light of the display, as well as the effect of the escape light on the surrounding environment. The display is mounted at a height of ten meters from the ground, which can better reduce the significant impact of astigmatism and direct light on the environment.


2. Control LED display brightness

We all know that the brightness of the surrounding environment will be relatively low. Many people will also reduce the brightness of the LED display at night by the brightness adjustment technology. So we have to adjust one brightness and restore the design brightness during the day. Does not affect the effect of the LED screen, but also reduces the pollution of the night LED display, and better saves a power of the display.


3. Reasonable design of playback content

Since the light pollution of the LED display is closely related to the color of the display, it is necessary to use high-purity colors when designing the video, use mixed colors, and use low-purity and high-brightness colors as the main colors as much as possible; the previous video and the next one The transfer between videos should be slow and should not be used; do not use too many pictures to flash.


4. Automatic adjustment of brightness adjustment system

We also know that the brightness of the environment at different times is also relatively large. If the brightness of the display is greater than the environment, especially at night, strong light will cause people's eyes to adapt or Shanghai. However, we can use the automatic brightness adjustment system, so that it can automatically convert the broadcast brightness suitable for the environment, so as to achieve the effect of outdoor LED display to avoid light pollution.