How outdoor LED displays cope with harsh environments?

- Oct 31, 2019-

Advertising LED display used as outdoor advertising, its use environment than the general display requirements are much higher. Outdoor LED display in the process of use, due to the different environment, often affected by high temperature, typhoon, rainstorm, lightning and other bad weather, to make the display in bad weather safe and sound, what precautions should we do?

1. High temperature protection

Advertising Outdoor LED display area is usually larger, in the process of application of large power consumption, corresponding to the release of heat is also large, plus the external temperature is higher, if not timely solve the problem of heat dissipation, so it is likely to cause problems such as circuit board heating short circuit. In production, ensure the display board in good condition, as far as possible in the shell design, choose hollow design, to help heat dissipation. During installation, it is necessary to insist that the display screen is located in a good ventilation condition according to the condition of the device. When necessary, heat dissipation equipment should be added to the display screen, such as an internal air conditioner or fan to help heat dissipation of the display screen.

2. Typhoon prevention

Advertising Outdoor LED display installation position is different, installation way is not the same, have stick wall type, Mosaic type, column type, suspension type. So in the typhoon season, in order to make the outdoor LED display screen body does not fall, the display screen bearing steel structure has strict requirements. Engineering units must be strictly in accordance with the standard of typhoon resistance to design and installation, but also have a certain seismic capacity, to ensure that outdoor LED display will not fall off causing casualties and other hazards.

Three, prevent the rainstorm

There is a lot of rain in the south, so the outdoor LED display itself needs a high waterproof protection level to avoid rain erosion. In the outdoor environment, the outdoor LED display screen should reach IP65 protection level. The modules should be filled with glue and sealed. Waterproof box body should be selected.

Lightning protection

1. Direct lightning protection: if the large outdoor LED screen is not within the direct lightning protection range of nearby tall buildings, lightning rods shall be set on the top of the steel structure of the display screen or nearby;

2. Inductive lightning protection: the outdoor LED display power system shall be equipped with level 1-2 lightning protection, and the signal circuit shall be equipped with a signal lightning protection device. At the same time, the power system in the machine room shall be equipped with a level 3 lightning protection device.

3. All LED display lines (power supply and signals) shall be shielded and buried;

4. The front end of the outdoor LED display screen and the grounding system of the machine room shall meet the system requirements. Generally, the grounding resistance of the front end shall be less than or equal to 4 ohms, and the grounding resistance of the machine room shall be less than or equal to 1 ohm.