How to choose a high-quality digital LED display mask?

- May 13, 2020-

The light-inserting mask of the digital LED display is planned to protect the LED from accidental damage, which is crucial to the display of the entire screen. So, how to choose a high-quality digital LED display mask?

The use of modular planning can facilitate the rapid replacement of modules or equipment on site, or adjust the black level of the surface of the screen. The light trap planning of the mask can absorb the external light to the greatest extent, and reduce the "washing effect" of the outer surface of the screen as much as possible; and the mask cap of the common shape planning can sweep away the rain and snow to avoid visual obstacles on the LED light .

For an digital LED display, the only information that the audience can see is the LED light and the mask. The role and weather resistance of the mask greatly affect the function and durability of the digital LED display. The selection and treatment of the mask is also the key to the continued beauty of the display.

   1. Selection of materials: the mask material is selected from PC + 10% GF; pure black and black masterbatch, anti-UV agent and flame retardant are added, and the flame retardant level is 94-V0. Strong anti-deformation performance, good flatness, not easy to fission, can effectively protect the impact of ultraviolet rays on the data.

   2. Surface treatment: The surface is sprayed with UV-resistant high-temperature matte black oil, which is non-reflective and has a common ink color; after the entire screen is assembled, the black screen ink color is uniform and common, without modularization.

   3. Series protection planning: including sun hat planning, mask front anti-reflective planning, and elimination of modular planning, etc., the mask can be free of water, dust, anti-glare, and anti-mosaic.