How to choose a high quality LED video displays mask?

- Nov 10, 2019-

The lamp mask of LED video displays is planned to protect the LED from accidental damage, which plays a vital role in the display of the whole screen body. Then, how to choose a high-quality LED video displays?

Modular planning can be used to facilitate the quick replacement of modules or equipment on site, or adjust the black layer of the external surface of the screen. The light trap program selected by the mask can maximize the absorption of external light and minimize the "scour effect" of the external surface of the screen. The brim of the mask with a few common shapes is selected to sweep away rain and snow, so as to avoid forming visual obstacles on the surface of LED lights.

For an LED video displays, the only materials that the audience can see directly are LED lights and masks. The function and weather resistance of the mask largely affect the function and durability of the LED display screen.

1. Data selection: mask data were selected PC+10%GF; Increase pure black mother, anti - UV agent and flame retardant, flame retardant grade 94-V0. Strong deformation resistance, good flatness, not easy to fission, can be useful to protect the impact of ultraviolet radiation on the data.

2. External treatment: spray anti-uv high-temperature matte black oil on the surface, without reflecting light and with common ink color; After the whole screen assembled black screen ink uniform common, no modular phenomenon.

3, series of protection planning: including visor planning, mask front anti-reflection planning, elimination of modular planning, can make the mask no water, no dust, anti-glare, anti-mosaic.

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