How to decide the resolution of led display

- Apr 29, 2019-

It is well known that for the led message sign, to show one letter, it would require at least 5 pixels on the horizontal direction, and 7 pixels on the vertical direction. And if we make a solution based on your requirement, we'd need to consider further. Then we would need to know the letter size you want to show, how many lines letters you'd need to show, etc. On another article, we'd explain further about it.

Here in this article, we focus on the led screen showing graphics, videos. And comparing with the message led signs, the way to determine the resolution of 
led video display is more difficult.

So far there has been no really effective formulas existing, to decide the resolution of led display. That's because the graphics and videos varies a lot, some need more pixels to show them well, and some need only less. Please just notice what's the resolution of your laptop screen or PC monitor? At least 1024x768! But in fact, only very little installed led displays can reach this resolution. Taking the P16mm led display as an example, if the resolution is 1024x768 pixels, the size would be 16.384m x 12.288m - 201SQ.M! If the resolution on your led board reach this, viewing from 50m longer, it would just show everything perfect. But that doesn't mean the resolution of all the led screens should reach this.

And from our experience, we find to show any video well, it's better to have 256 pixels at least on the horizontal direction, and 192 pixels at least on the vertical direction. You may have the question why the difference is so big? The laptop LCD screen is 1024x768 pixels at least, but the led panal needs only 256x192 pixels? 

Firstly, we mentioned "at least". If there's more than 256x192 pixels on your led panel, the led screen definition would be surely better. And the audience can watch the same size video advertising in a near distance. Simply speaking, the bigger pixel pitch on the led display panel would need the viewing distance to be further.

Secondly, the led display screen is mainly for the outdoor advertising purpose. Comparing with the advertisement in TV, the outdoor advertising content is different. Please just image which outdoor advertising is really impressive in your mind? It's not the long movies, but just a short and simple ones such as COCACOLA, Mcdonalds, a cup of drink, a hamburger...the impressive advertisements, and strong commercial languages are just like a heavy punch onto your mind. And remember the people passing by in traffics or the commercial roads have actually only a few seconds to watch your advertising led screen!

So in many cases, the full color led video display could be smaller size and lower resolution.

What's the suitable resolution of your led display, to broadcast your possible advertising information? We will discuss this in next article 
To be continue, and coming up soon...