How to make LED display life longer

- May 06, 2019-

Fixed inspection of the internal components of the screen body

1, if found to be damaged and other problems of the components should be promptly replaced, especially the steel frame structure of the zero components.

2. Check the stability and safety of all components of the screen when receiving the warning of weather and other natural disasters. If there is any problem, deal with it timely to avoid unnecessary loss.

3. Regularly maintain the surface coating of products and steel structure welding spots to prevent corrosion, rust and peeling.

4. It needs maintenance at least twice a year on average.

Inspection of defective products

For defective products to have regular inspection, timely maintenance or replacement, generally once every three months.

Cleaning and maintenance of led lights

Use a soft brush to gently scrub the dust accumulated outside the LED lamp tube. Clean and maintain regularly according to the environment.

Inspection of lightning protection facilities

1, regular lightning rod and ground line inspection

2. The protection tube should be tested after thunder. If it fails, it must be replaced in time.

3, more rain period can often check.

Inspection of the screen power supply system

1. Firstly, check whether the connection of each circuit in the distribution box is rusted or loose, and deal with problems timely.

2. For safety, the grounding of the electrical box must be guaranteed to be normal and checked regularly.

3, the power line and signal new circuit, also want to check regularly, to avoid the line broken skin or be bitten.

4. The whole power supply system also needs to be checked twice a year.

Check LED control system

1. Test each function of LED control system according to the preset conditions.

2, for all the screen lines and equipment should be done to check regularly, in case of accidents.

3. Check the reliability of the system regularly, such as once every 7 days.