How to seize the market share of Fixed LED Video Display

- Jan 25, 2019-

The new darling of the LED display industry this year is undoubtedly the Fixed LED Video Display, and it has also received much attention recently. Various innovative Fixed LED Video Display products in the industry are emerging one after another. Many aspects of information indicate that it has a huge market potential. The US "Displaybank" survey agency made a very bold prediction on LED transparent display: "By 2025, the market value of transparent display is about 87.2 billion US dollars." The industry has predicted that the future LED LED Display may become an LED display. The industry is the second most popular area that is comparable to "small spacing."

Since the beginning of the 2016 Fixed LED Video Display market, there have been many outstanding LED transparent display projects in the industry, and many of the industry's Fixed LED Video Display companies have also focused on product innovation, and have launched many hot new products. There is no doubt that the Fixed LED Video Display is as limited as the industry has predicted. However, behind the booming of the Fixed LED Video Display, some unavoidable problems are beginning to emerge.

Seek common development, the company and the market complement each other

At present, China's market demand for Fixed LED Video Display is very large, but the market development is far from enough. Taking the market of glass curtain wall as an example, according to relevant information, the total area of modern glass curtain wall in China has exceeded 70 million square meters, and its market potential needs further development. It must also be understood that – as the current “sweet” in the industry, Fixed LED Video Display is not so easy to do. As we all know, LED transparent engineering projects are generally relatively large, and mostly for the high-end market, so it has relatively higher requirements for all aspects of the company's qualifications.