How to select a suitable led display screen?

- Jul 24, 2019-

Outdoor full-color led display accessories material purchase matters needing attention; There are many kinds of LED full-color display accessories in the market. Only by having a more comprehensive understanding of LED display accessories can we avoid the economic loss caused by improper purchase and ensure the maximum return on our investment. Below sorted out the outdoor LED display accessories for a few Suggestions analysis, I hope to help you.

1.LED lights and chips

LED lamp is not only LED LED light tube, it is the key component of LED full-color display screen, so we should adopt reliable quality and mature packaging LED products. The selected LED products must have good stability, small discreteness, HBM greater than 4000V, small attenuation range, strong voltage resistance, high brightness, wavelength, Angle consistency, good light distribution effect, and can resist temperature difference, humidity and ultraviolet light.

2. The LED cabinet

The case used in the selection of LED full-color display accessories is generally made of steel or aluminum. The overall protection of LED cabinet conforms to IP65 standard. In addition, the structure should fully consider the cooling problem.

3. Switch power supply

The power supply of the display screen adopts the famous brand switch voltage regulating power module which has passed the certification, so the switch power supply in the outdoor LED display screen accessories has to undergo strict testing, screening and aging. To ensure full compliance with international safety and quality certification requirements, to meet the long-term stable and reliable display requirements. Under rated working conditions, the service life is guaranteed to be more than 5 years.

4. Plug and socket

Connector is an important connection device in the system, and also one of the important accessories of full-color LED display. High quality connectors shall be used to ensure the thickness of pure gold coating of connectors and maintain the best electrical connection performance. Ensure the system in high temperature, high humidity environment of good electrical connection performance, can make the system long-term stable and reliable operation.

5. The circuit board

The circuit board is made of flame retardant epoxy, with reasonable design and layout. Processing manufacturers should choose products produced by well-known manufacturers.

6. Driver IC devices

In the choice of LED display accessories driver IC devices, the driver circuit should choose international famous brand constant current driver chip. Maintaining constant current output with high precision and high reliability in a large temperature range can significantly improve the uniformity and reliability of the display screen. Main materials of display system should be certified by CE, FCC, UL, CCC, ISO9000, etc. I believe that if we can do the above, adhere to reliable supporting facilities materials and professional research and design technology, we will be able to reduce the failure rate of the display, and will greatly improve the reliability and stability of outdoor LED full-color display.