In the post-epidemic era, can the all-in-one led display continue to grow?

- May 10, 2020-

The outbreak of the New Coronary Pneumonia epidemic has greatly increased the safety awareness of office workers in the enterprise. The remote fine display products such as remote office, remote conference, remote teaching and remote dispatch command have attracted more attention. All in one LED display is one of the representative categories. Market demand is accelerated. From the current user's purchase data, when buying all in one led display, users pay more attention to the size of the screen and the price of the product in addition to the function of the product itself. However, most of the all in one led display companies currently have high-end with iBison iCon The conference screen takes the same high-end route, so the price is difficult to drop for a while, and users will hesitate when choosing.

all in one led display

In addition, as enterprises resume work and students resume school, part of the demand will return to offline, and online applications will gradually regain stability. After this "epidemic", after a large number of users have experienced the product, the large-screen display requirements for this all-in-one will also become more stringent. In the post-epidemic era, where is the room for future growth of the all in one led display?

Return to the essence: impress users with products and services

As LED companies enter the all in one led display market, users have more products to choose from. In addition to "large size" as a battleground, product performance and quality will become the key to competition, which also means that LED companies must return Essentially, impress users with products and services.

For companies entering the all in one led display, innovation and R & D are the “dual engines” that consistently and consistently output high-quality and high-quality services to users. The level of R & D directly determines the upper limit of product quality, deepen the differentiation, and provide targeted support for the conference market, in order to maximize the market and help enterprises meet with less effort.

In the post-epidemic era, where is the market space for all in one led display?

According to earlier statistics, in the global smart office market, there are 29 million large meeting rooms, 31 million small meeting rooms, and about 180 million open office spaces. Therefore, the service chain of the LED all-in-one machine is very long, so for the incoming companies, no matter which track they are in, they have considerable room for improvement in terms of operation and management. Only by realizing refined operations, polishing every service link, and continuously improving operational efficiency through standardized management and reducing costs and increasing efficiency, can we become a true market winner. In the future, as the price of LED display equipment falls, it will further penetrate and the market scale will also change accordingly.

At the same time, due to the impact of the epidemic, mobile office, telemedicine, and online education will become more and more popular, and more and more valued by the government, enterprises, and institutions. This collaborative demand for work, life, and learning makes the LED integrated machine scale more Growth, although there is no large demand during the epidemic, but it is certain that the growth trend.

Therefore, there is still a lot of room for the rise of all in one led display in the future, and the demand for enterprises and institutions, government, hospitals, education and other fields is still large.

The all in one led display experienced rapid development in early 2020, but the heat of explosive traffic growth under the epidemic will eventually fade away. In the post-epidemic era, the all in one led display has entered the second half. For companies in different race tracks, only continuous Only by strengthening its own hematopoietic function, optimizing operations, and forming an effective and long-term brand precipitation with high-quality products and services can it be possible to achieve retention and transformation after the "ebb tide" of traffic and find its own market space.