LED Display COB Technology

- Apr 21, 2020-

Speaking of LED display, this is certainly not strange to everyone, because LED display is too common, whether indoor or outdoor, wherever it is often accompanied by the presence of LED display. However, when it comes to LED display cob technology, this may be a bit confusing. What is a cob led display?

led display cob technology

As far as the current situation is concerned, we generally say that the LED display is mainly based on SMD technology, which is often said to be a surface mount. However, with the development of small LED spacing, SMD has reached the physical limit, there is no way to go smaller The spacing is deep, so there is a cob packaged LED display, which is a cob display.

The led display cob technology refers to the led display screen completed by cob packaging. Cob packaging: directly encapsulate the light-emitting chip on the PCB board to achieve a truly complete sealing of the module, the device is not exposed, and the screen is smooth and hard.

led display cob technology

The advantages of cob display:

1. Anti-collision and anti-collision: the surface is cured with epoxy resin, the device is sealed on the PCB board, it is not exposed, the light does not shake, the collision is not damaged during transportation;

2. Strong heat dissipation ability: the heat is quickly dissipated directly through the PCB board, the thermal resistance value is small, and the heat dissipation is stronger;

3. The pitch is smaller and the picture quality is better: COB display does not have SMD packaged LED display, it requires multiple processes, and the light-emitting chip needs to be made into a lamp, which limits the smaller pitch to a certain extent, and There is no cob display, there is no physical barrier between the light-emitting chips, more pixels are displayed in the unit, the picture is clearer, the display is fuller, the color is more abundant and more delicate;

4. The "surface light source" emits light and effectively suppresses moiré, which is a good choice for important occasions, such as: high-end conference rooms, studios, and central occasions;

The LED display cob technology has been in our country for 4 years, and the results are remarkable, and it is being accepted by customers in a situation of coercion. The cob display is the future of small-pitch LEDs. This is an irreversible trend in future development. , COB display is also the center of the development of led display industry.