LED light pole screen becomes the focus of wisdom

- May 04, 2020-

With the development of LED retrofit projects in China's street lamps, the penetration rate of LED street lamps in China is constantly increasing. It is expected that the penetration rate will increase to 39% by 2020. Popularization has been further realized. Under this background, LED light pole screen, as an important part of smart street lights, is also responsible for the intelligent display carrier and has become the focus of current wisdom.

light pole led display

Judging from the current stage characteristics of the outbreak of the smart industry, smart street lights are an obvious sign, then the arrival of the 5G era will bring the attention of smart street lights into a new stage, while smart transportation, smart communities and smart scenic spots, etc. The field will also become a key area for capital intervention due to the extension of its smart value, and the application mode of LED smart terminals will also change accordingly.

In fact, the current smart street lights are mainly stacked with multiple functions. At the same time, thanks to the accelerated advancement of smart city construction and the widespread application of new generation information technologies such as the Internet of Things and cloud computing, smart city terminals such as LED lampposts are The wisdom value here has begun to highlight, and strengthened the intelligent advantages of smart street lamps in scene applications. As a smart city terminal service provider, Tailong Zhixian, after capturing the market outlet, has extended terminal products such as LED light pole screens from lighter, thinner, more energy-saving, smarter, more beautiful, and cheaper, creating Greater value.

At present, no company can undertake a smart street lamp project from start to finish, but it is jointly completed by multiple providers. Therefore, LED lamp pole screen as a key link can extend the value chain of smart street lamps and enrich the project scene. Applications and profit models have also presented new opportunities. The combination of wisdom and display, to a certain extent, alleviates the operating cost problems of smart street lamps, enriches the industrial form, improves the operation and management level, and promotes the industry to iterate continuously and provide better services.

As a result, the current demand for intelligence has undoubtedly led the LED lamppost screen to the forefront of the smart era, and the matching application with smart street lamps has also brought the integration of the LED lamppost screen into play. At present, Tailong Zhixian LED light pole screen terminal has integrated outdoor highlighting, high-definition power saving, cluster control, remote synchronous playback, automatic brightness adjustment, smoke, humidity, temperature, PM2.5 monitoring, remote power supply Switches, intelligent monitoring, voice and video interaction, face recognition and other functions not only meet the application requirements of smart street lights, but also set off a wave of smart display information.

Today, the pace of smart street lamp layout is getting faster and faster. It is no exaggeration to say that the LED lamppost screen has the characteristics of unified construction, unified management, and open sharing, which coincides with the original intention of smart city construction. The in-depth combination of LED light pole screens and urban street lights not only played a role in promoting, but also provided a communication carrier for the information transmission required for the realization of "urban intelligence". It also became an early entrance to the layout of urban interconnection with smart street lights.

Nowadays, smart street lamps are used in many places across the country, and the field of smart street lamps has attracted many companies to enter the game. LED lamp pole screens have also become a piece of "cake" and become the goal of competition. However, how to stand out among them requires that In terms of quality and grade selection, we will look for market focus and added value, focus on innovation and diversified development, and dig deep into available elements to achieve comprehensive and sustainable development.