Common knowledge of LED glue: How to judge the quality of glue?

- Jun 25, 2019-

Glue is an indispensable part of the LED display module production process. Because of the glue protection, the LED display module will last longer. Since glue is so important, how do you identify the quality of glue? Below the powerful giant color knowledge of glue to give you a general offer.

    1, the use of LED glue:

    Waterproof, heat-dissipating, anti-oxidation and other uses, mainly to protect the LED display

    2, LED glue classification:

    According to the use, it can be divided into the epoxy glue used in the production of LEDs and the glue glue used in the LED display module (the following LED glue refers to the LED display module glue glue).

    According to product quality and use environment and other factors, it is divided into: special glue, high-grade glue, low-grade glue and so on.

    3, LED glue and other times:

    At present, LED glue on the market has three levels of moisture:

    Special glue: Special glue mainly refers to the LED glue that requires high requirements for LED display environment, such as cold (North) glue, high temperature (high temperature environment) glue, corrosion resistance (acid and alkali environment) glue and other special requirements and environment. LED display glue used.

    High-grade glue: special glue for full-color LED display, generally black glue, with high heat resistance, cold resistance and waterproof effect.

    Low-grade glue: the general protection effect is very poor.

    4. How to judge the quality of glue:

    Professional testing: From a professional perspective, special equipment is needed to analyze the composition of the LED glue, as well as the ratio between the components and the actual data obtained through actual environmental tests.

    Simple identification: When filling the glue, you can check the leveling, curing time, etc. according to the regular ratio.

    The main data, after curing, can check the quality of the glue according to the color condition and the elasticity of the rubber particles. The finished LED module can be removed by screws and the cover is judged by a simple (good general soft and moderate, good elasticity).