New skylight transparent led screen

- Jun 12, 2019-

In recent years, LED Sky has become a well-known vocabulary in the industry. Its appearance is macroscopically due to the continuous improvement of social and economic strength and technology. Its magnificent, shocking and sturdy display has enriched people's horizons and made people's Life is more colorful.

Skylight led transparent screen is generally suitable for high-end star hotel lobby, large shopping mall, commercial pedestrian street, city center square, large stage and other large building ceilings, through the skylight led transparent screen, bring people into the whimsy of light and shadow world . The large LED sky screen hoisted on the top of the ceiling is like a colorful satin, bright and deep sky, and with the new LED light strips, light strips, projection and other lighting equipment, it plays a role of lighting and rendering.


    However, the use of conventional led display screens for LED skylights has a major drawback that will block the light of the skylight and affect the viewing of visual effects. When the daytime is not bright, the black module panel is installed on the zenith, which affects the aesthetics of the surrounding environment and keeps people in a relatively closed space.


The LED transparent screen is a high-tech new lighting decoration product with high transparent display effect, and its transparency can reach up to 90% or more, which does not affect indoor lighting and viewing line of sight, and can realize the display effect of transparent perspective. . Its stylish high-end, unique design effect image, and natural light-harvesting function, avoids the space pressure caused by the conventional LED skylight when it does not emit light during the day, whether it is day or night, it will make the audience enjoyable.


    The sky screen LED transparent screen can achieve transparent display function, transparent and ethereal, which not only ensures the openness of the space, but also has no contradiction with the surrounding environment, giving the building a beautiful and stylish temperament. In the absence of daytime display, the passing crowd under the LED transparent canopy can still look up at the natural landscape brought by the blue sky and white clouds, so that people can enjoy the fun of playing without any visual obstacles. They can walk under the stars at night.


The unique playback effect of the sky screen LED transparent screen gives people a powerful visual impact and visual experience, which brings visual and auditory stereoscopic effect to visitors. The color flow under the glass texture, the flashing art of light, let people immerse in the beauty and linger. The transparent led sky screen is full of technology and futuristic, satisfying the designer's creative concept of Tianma Star, allowing visitors to experience the sound and light art of dreamy color and fashion taste brought by modern technology and unique design.


Set up in a large shopping mall, built on the air corridor, the intersection of light and shadow, the sound and music linger, let the people in it enjoy shopping, play and enhance the leisure and entertainment shopping experience. It transforms the sky into a sky stage on the tall, and the building is natural, showing the soft beauty of the LED glass transparent display and the building. It is called “the architectural miracle under the photoelectric image”.


On the commercial value, the artistic charm of color and technology, and the ever-changing landscape decoration, the large-scale commercial establishments have changed from a dull and monotonous place to a powerful crowd of people, creating a prosperous scene. The transparent led display helps customers to stand at the peak of the market, creating a unique new value for space, enhancing the entertainment and creativity of the shopping center, making the shopping center more competitive than its competitors, and increasing the value of commercial real estate. To create more revenue.