Outdoor LED display DIP and SMD package differences

- Aug 07, 2019-

In the production process, packaging is a very important solution. Nowadays, there are two common packaging methods on the market: DIP and SMD packaging. What are the differences between these two packaging, and what are the advantages and disadvantages, shenzhen LED display manufacturers lianchengfa LCF next for you to answer:

What is the function of LED display package?

Connect the external lead to the electrode of the LED display chip, protect the LED display chip, improve the luminous efficiency and heat dissipation environment, and improve the LED life.


LED display directly inserted DIP and package SMD contrast renderings

A. DIP encapsulation

DIP package is short for dual inline-pin package. It was first developed. LED lamp beads are produced by the manufacturer, which are then inserted into LED PCB lamp board by the manufacturer of LED module and LED display screen. DIP semi-outdoor module and outdoor waterproof module are produced by wave welding.

However, due to the influence of lamp bead diameter, only P6 can be achieved at present. Other P5, P4 and even higher density outdoor LED displays cannot be made. However, the protection performance of direct insertion is good, but the perspective is not accurate and fixed, generally between 100-110, and high energy consumption, not environmental protection, so only suitable for outdoor, outdoor p10-p20 still has a large market share.

In addition, the DIP encapsulation mode is adopted for production, which has a complicated process and is not easy to be mechanized and has low production efficiency. In addition, there are many DIP manufacturers without high technical and equipment threshold and fierce competition. Many manufacturers use inferior raw materials and PCB boards to fight for market share with low quality and almost no perfect after-sales guarantee.

Ii.SMD packaging

SMD packaging, meaning: surface mount device, it is one of the SMT components. Surface-mount components were introduced about 20 years ago and ushered in a new era. For a long time it was assumed that all lead components would eventually be SMD encapsulated. SMD technology is widely used in LED outdoor displays.

We often say three in one label, in fact, is a kind of SMD technology, refers to the RGB three different colors of LED chip packaging SMT lamp according to a certain distance packaging in the same gel.

The advantages of the three-in-one outdoor full-color LED display screen are as follows: the perspective of the whole screen is relatively larger than the straight insert screen, and the surface can be diffuse reflection processing, the result is not granular, high color saturation, good uniformity. Three-in-one overall flatness is easier to control and has been the standard technology used in hd outdoor LED displays.

With the development of technology and continuous improvement of production process in recent years, SMD has been developing rapidly with a lot of cost reduction. It is the mainstream product of LED indoor display screen at present. And has been to the outdoor market rapid development, but brightness and waterproof, has been difficult to overcome its solution. Believe that the whole industry continues to develop, development is the direction of the table paste.