Outdoor LED Display Manufacturing Process-chapter two

- Mar 27, 2019-

Manufacturing processes of outdoor led display are mainly as follows-part two:

4、 Welding the Lights plate and the driven plate of led display

A. The driving plate is inserted into the lamp board 

B. with tin wire welding 

C. QC detection

5 、Correction circuit board 

A. use the baffle plate to line the lamp 

B. fixed with the lampshade 

C.QC detection, remove the cover.

6 、Detect : 

A. Access cable check to see whether there is dark light 

B. Measured with a universal table, reasons, and solutions

 7、 Fixed lights panel 

A. Frame with screws at regular intervals 

B. Glue 

C. Cover lampshade 

D: Playing screws 

E. Set of epithelial ring (shockproof)

8. Cabinet shelves 

A Fixed the led display module to the cabinet from bottom to top 

B. Fitted with cables, connect. 

C; The circuit wiring, Red is positive black is negative.