Outdoor LED display screens three major protection standards against bad weather

- Nov 10, 2019-

Outdoor LED display screens is now the most widely used field of LED display. Large area, display effect shock. At the same time, in order to better publicity effect, usually installed other roof, road and other open areas without shielding. LED displays face significant environmental challenges due to their size and exposure to the open air. Extreme weather, such as wind, rain, hail, etc. Therefore, the display screen of the various protective indicators and protective equipment is very important. The following is an introduction to the indicators that outdoor LED display screens should have.

LED display IP protection level requirements

Outdoor LED display screens are usually installed in a large area, and most of them are installed in places with dense personnel. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the protection level of display screens, especially in the southeast coastal areas where typhoons often land. Its design should take into account the solid foundation of the steel structure, wind load, waterproof, dustproof, moisture-proof and other factors, the protection grade should be IP6IP5 and above, to extend the service life of the display screen, enhance the reliability.

LED display lightning protection standard

Good lightning protection, LED main body and shell should have good grounding measures, and according to the display screen is set independently, or attached to the building's external wall to consider its grounding form. At the same time, the integration of electronic components in outdoor LED display screens is high, and the sensitivity requirements against interference are increasingly high. In order to minimize electromagnetic interference, lightning protection devices should be installed on the display screens and buildings.

LED display heat dissipation

Outdoor LED display screens work will produce a certain quantity of heat, if the environment temperature and heat dissipation, the LED chip and integrated circuit may not work properly, and even destroyed, so that the LED display system cannot work normally, so usually outdoor LED display screens to add a cooling fan or air conditioning label, especially for the need for a long time work in the high temperature of subtropical and tropical areas for screen.