Several forms of LED stage display design

- Jul 16, 2019-

The dramatists, different times, has made the new concept, the latest science and technology utilization stage, show in front of an audience, in recent years, with the emergence and development of LED technology, stage lighting and LED to age, stage design and the application of LED quickly to stage design and scenery, LED large screen appear in all kinds of stage in the world.

Now the general presentation on the stage of the big screen design, basically divided into three.

The first kind: simply take the big screen as the stage design all, the big screen design is the background, the side screen, in the scene space time everything lets the big screen complete, the actor does not have the material object the impersonation.

The second kind: according to the stage frame with LED screen as the main body, each unit screen around the stage set aside the location of lights.

Such a stage is rare, such as dragon TV's "come on my hero" party, which sets up a stage frame of overall depth, with screens hanging at random on such a stage frame, and computer lights shaking their heads between screens. Is the screen so the arrangement of the depth of strewn at random have send, the disappearance of the stage to the distance, make the whole picture of the depth of field, strong perspective, combined with so much to light hanging on the edge and play space, the stage is a good atmosphere and move feeling, also express the theme of the party. But the stage structure will be relatively simple, not vivid.

The third kind: take the LED big screen as the center of the stage "or is the stage background, plus the front of the scene, formed by the stage scenery.

2012 CCTV Mid-Autumn festival party, the design is clever. Of fuzhou over the field of ancient buildings with LED screen built a big moon, in architectural space in front of the stage, the party building as the background, with full moon as the main elements of performance, stage design clever, make the LED screen with one integrated mass, in line with the party theme, and stage in the form of feeling and stereo sense is very strong, also gives the light there is enough space, such a stage that is in line with the traditional aesthetic idea, also increased the elements of modern science and technology, both in terms of blurring vision is very real, present a more perfect stage effect.