Should choose the regular Front Service LED Display manufacturers

- Jan 25, 2019-

Front Service LED Display is composed of tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of red, green and blue LED lights. The LED bead will slowly decay as the usage time increases. The attenuation speed of LED lamp bead brightness is related to LED chip, auxiliary material and packaging process. In general, after 1000 hours and 20 milliamperes of normal temperature lighting test, the attenuation of the red LED lamp bead should be less than 7%, and the attenuation of the blue and green LED lamp bead should be less than 10%. The consistency of red, green, and blue attenuation has a large impact on the white balance of the full-color Front Service LED Display, which in turn affects the display fidelity of the Front Service LED Display. At the same time, the good lamp bead failure rate is low, even if the aging 72 hours failure rate will not be higher than one in ten thousand.

Stability and safety of the Front Service LED Display are particularly important during operation. The cabinet design of the LED display is very important. The temperature of the component's thermal conversion increases, which will result in degraded image quality. Therefore, good ventilation and heat dissipation design is an indispensable indicator in the design of the cabinet. On the one hand, it is circuit protection, on the other hand, it is safe, etc., as well as dustproof and waterproof. At the same time, the supporting power supply can not only look at the low price and ignore its performance and quality. The power supply under different temperature conditions, its working stability, output voltage and load capacity will be different, because it bears the after-sales guarantee. Therefore, its security performance directly affects the quality of the picture.

After verifying the above five points, I want the Front Service LED Display to achieve the best display effect, and also to ensure a good use environment. If the actual working temperature exceeds the scope of use of the product, not only will the life of the product be shortened, but the product itself will also be affected. Serious damage. Pay attention to the best shooting distance when shooting, the Front Service LED Display with different dot pitch and different filling factor, the suitable shooting distance is different. Of course, when you purchase LED display products, you should choose the regular Front Service LED Display manufacturer.