Stage LED large screen type differentiation

- Sep 17, 2019-

Stage LED large screen now more and more accepted by people, before the high end display device, has now been civil market deeply, after 40 years of reform and opening up in China, especially in the 20 years great changes have taken place in China, now the hotel decorate class has more luxurious than abroad, LED large screen, of course, also won't open the high-tech products.

LED large screen the effect of initial stage is show theme background, each program scene information through the LED large screen display, foil the atmosphere of the scene, stage background now more and more clear, the initial P20, P16, development to the P10, P7.62, then is P3, P2.5, high-end some occasions, have been used on small spacing of hd LED large screen, display up to 4 k or 8 k pixel, pixels is worthy of the name hd LED large screen.

Stage of LED large screen with the coming of information era, will be more intelligent show in front of people, the current stage of LED large screen can be used in a fixed installations and mobile installations, the difference between the two is to see what occasion to use, will take what kind of way, such as frequent movement in place, and will play into the LED large screen above the scene of the scene, that is about to choose die-casting aluminum case, air box and synchronous display program, if a permanent fixed in one place, then you can choose ultrathin structure before maintenance.