Status of LED display industry under coronavirus

- Mar 20, 2020-

LED shows that there will be some difficulties in living and working after the company resumes work and production.

   In the current situation of the coronavirus is still tense, LED display companies rework and re-production enterprises need to provide employees with adequate protective equipment. Such as masks, disinfectants, protective clothing, thermometers, etc., these resources are still relatively scarce in the market, but as some protective equipment-related companies continue to work overtime, the related protective equipment market gap will also be further reduced.

   As one of the manufacturing industries, LED display companies have their own factories. It is inevitable that many people gather during mealtime. LED display companies will also manage their employees reasonably and effectively, such as separating people from each other during meals. This will try to avoid infection.

   Finally, LED display companies are facing difficulties in resuming production.

   With the further control of the epidemic and the further resolution of various issues such as transportation, it is only a matter of time before LED display companies resume work in full scale. After the resumption of work, LED display companies face the arduous task of resuming production.

   Affected by the coronavirus, many LED display companies have suffered a certain impact.

   Many companies on the order side will reduce their orders, but as the epidemic is under control, new orders will continue to be released. For example, the Tokyo Winter Olympics will be held in 2020, and the holding of the Winter Olympics will also release new orders for industry companies.

   In terms of raw materials, the LED display industry is an integrated industry. The production of LED displays requires the cooperation of the upstream, midstream, and downstream industry chains. In the face of sudden outbreaks, if companies with raw material inventory can respond in a timely manner, even companies without raw material inventory can effectively coordinate through the strength of industry associations.

   Although 2020 will be difficult for the entire industry, the established goals of LED display industry companies will not change. At the ISE exhibition held on February 11, we can still see that many companies are not afraid of hardships and overcome many difficulties to participate in the exhibition. This all reflects the determination and will of the enterprises in the LED display industry.

   Although the road to resume production and production in the LED display industry is difficult, I believe these difficulties are only temporary. The current epidemic is still raging, LED display companies also have to grasp the epidemic prevention in one hand, resume work and resume production in the other, hate both hands. It is believed that after the efforts of everyone in the LED display industry, the clouds and moon will be cleared, and the market order of the LED display in the industry will be restored as soon as possible, and the status of the Chinese LED display industry in the international market will be restored as soon as possible.