Talk about the common sense of electrician of LED display engineers-2

- Sep 09, 2019-

11, engineering safety electricity use common sense

(1), each construction unit must have a number of necessary electrical appliances, such as an electric examiner, screwdriver, plastic pliers, must also have a suitable screen with the right to use electrical appliances with various specifications of the fuse and fuse.

(2) each screen user must be equipped with a general safety, general knife brake and leakage protection switch.

(3) use copper and iron wire instead of fuse in any case. The size of the fuse must match the power capacity. When replacing the fuse, remove the cover of the porcelain box and replace it. Do not directly overlap the fuse in the porcelain box. Do not replace the fuse under electric condition (without opening the knife brake).

(4) after burning fuse or leakage switch action, must find out the reason to close the switch power supply. Under any circumstances shall not use wire safety short or pressure leakage switch trip mechanism forced to send electricity.

(5) when purchasing screen appliances, please carefully check whether the technical parameters (such as frequency, voltage, etc.) in the product manual are in line with local electricity requirements. To know how much power consumption, users have the power supply ability to meet the requirements, especially wiring capacity, plug, socket, fuse, electricity meter to meet the requirements.

(6) when the screen power distribution equipment cannot meet the overall electrical capacity requirements of the display screen, it shall be replaced and transformed, and it is strictly prohibited to use in a makeshift manner. Otherwise overload operation will damage the electrical equipment, and may cause electrical fire.

(7) buy screen appliances should also know its insulation performance: general insulation, reinforced insulation or double insulation. If it is on the ground for leakage protection, the grounding wire is essential. Even for electrical equipment with reinforced insulation or double insulation, there are advantages for protective grounding or zero connection.

(8) the screen appliances with electric motors (such as exhaust fans, air conditioners, etc.) should also be aware of the heat resistance level, whether the continuous operation for a long time. Pay attention to the heat dissipation conditions of electrical appliances.

(9) before installing the electric appliances for the screen, please check the requirements of the product manual for the installation environment, and pay special attention to the possible conditions, do not install the electric appliances for the screen in the hot and humid, dusty or flammable, explosive and corrosive gas environment.

(10) when wiring in the laying screen, the phase line and zero line shall be clearly marked, and shall be consistent with the wiring of the electrical equipment on the screen, and shall not be wrongly connected to each other.

(11) the screen electrical appliances must be connected with the power supply with a switch or connector that can be broken. It is forbidden to insert the wire directly into the socket hole.

(12), where the requirements of a protective grounding or security zero screen with electrical appliances, should use three-pin plug and three-eye socket, can not use foot plug and binoculus socket substitute, cause grounding (or zero) line gap.

(13) there is no connector in the middle of wiring of display screen. Connections must be secured and wrapped with insulating tape, or with porcelain junction boxes. Use medical tape instead of electrical tape binding joint.

(14) the connection between wire and switch, knife brake, fuse box and lamp holder should be firm and reliable, with good contact. Multi-rubber soft copper wire joints should be twisted together and then put under the joint screw gasket, to prevent the thin strands of wire from unraveling and touching another joint causing a short circuit.

(15) the wiring of the display screen shall not be laid directly on the flammable building materials. If the wiring is needed on the wood, porcelain beads or porcelain clips must be used; Porcelain bushing must be used to cross the board. Inflammable plastics and other inflammable materials shall not be used as decorative materials.

(16) although the grounding or connecting zero wire is not electrified normally, the enclosure of the right electric appliance will be electrified in case of leakage after breaking the wire; In case of short circuit, the ground wire also through a large current. For its safety, grounding (zero connection) wire specifications should be no less than the phase of the wire, the switch or fuse shall not be installed on it, there shall be no connector.

(17), the ground wire shall not be connected to the water pipe (because now the water pipe connection is used to plug leakage insulation tape, no grounding effect); Not connected to the gas pipe (in case of gas explosion caused by electric spark); May not connect on the ground wire of the telephone line (in case of strong current channeling weak current); It shall not be connected to the lead of the lightning conductor (in case of counterattack during lightning).

All switches, knife brakes and fuse boxes must have covers. Bakelite cover aging, incomplete must be replaced. Smudgy damp - affected person must be wiped clean power after use.

(19) do not drag the power cord on the ground in case it trip and damage the insulation.

(20) all switches and buttons should be placed in the original stop position before the trial of screen appliances, and then operate according to the start and stop operation sequence required by the manual. If there are moving parts, sufficient space should be considered in advance.

(21) when sparks, smoke or burning smell are found after the display screen is electrified, it shall immediately stop the machine and cut off the power supply for inspection.

(22) when moving the electric display screen, the power must be cut off to prevent electric shock.

(23) flammable materials must be kept away from heating appliances. Heating appliances (such as power) should not be placed directly on the board to avoid fire.

(24) do not touch the live switch with wet hand; Do not use wet hand to pull or plug the power plug. The finger shall not touch the metal part of the contact when unplugging or inserting the power plug. Do not use wet hands to replace electrical components or light bulbs.

(25) for electrical appliances that are often used in hand (such as hair dryers, soldering irons, etc.), do not wind the wire around the hand for use.

(26) for electrical appliances in contact with the human body, such as electric soldering iron, before use should be electrified test check, no leakage of electricity before contact with the human body.

(27) do not use the method of towing wire to move the power supply; Do not pull the plug by pulling the wire.

(28) when using the screen, plug in the socket on the unenergized side first, * close the knife brake or plug in the socket on the live side; In contrast, pull open the live side knife brake or pull out the live side socket, and then pull out the non-live side socket (if necessary).

(29) in case of emergency, insulated electrical pliers or cutting tools with insulated handle must be used to cut off power leads.

(30), rescue electric shock personnel, first of all to disconnect the power supply or with wood, insulation pole pick open the power line, do not use the hand directly drag electric shock personnel, so as not to connect electric shock.

(31) screen electrical appliances in addition to air conditioners, the power should be switched off, especially the electric heating electrical appliances, to prevent long-term heating caused by fire.

(32) if the burning, smoking or catching fire of the screen electrical appliances, the power must be disconnected immediately. Do not spray with water or foam fire extinguishers.

(33) check the insulation of wiring and electrical equipment in the screen regularly, and wrap the damaged wires with electrical tape in time.

(34), or for a long time before the rainy season need not again use display, 500 v shaking table was used to measure the insulation resistance shall be not less than 1 m Ω, may think that the insulation is good, can be normal use. If no shaking table, or at least application test pen check whether leakage phenomenon.

(35) the electrical equipment on the display screen that is often used should be kept dry and clean. Do not wipe the surface of the electrical equipment with corrosive or conductive liquids such as gasoline, alcohol, soapy water and detergent.

(36) professional personnel should be invited to repair the damaged screen electrical appliances; It is strictly forbidden for non-professionals to open the electrical shell of the display screen when it is live.