Taxi roof LED display advantage

- Apr 21, 2020-

Excellent advertising media for taxi LED ceiling lights

High coverage: The taxi operation route is not fixed, and more and more enter and exit major commercial areas, business and financial areas, crowded areas, airports, stations and other areas. Travel, home, official business, and shopping can all be exposed to high-frequency advertising impacts. 

High Reach Rate: According to authoritative survey results, body advertising is the media with the highest reach rate in outdoor advertising. Therefore, taxi advertisements will become the media of great concern in the city. Forcing passengers to compulsorily accept advertising messages, the effective arrival rate is extremely high, greatly enhancing the advertising audience's awareness of products and brands.

taxi led sign

Efficient and low cost: Taxi advertisements are aimed precisely at the target market of enterprises. They have large liquidity, wide range, flexible and accurate dissemination of brand information. Taxi advertisements correspond to the most active and largest consumer groups in the city. Compared with traditional mass media, its audience is more targeted, the cost per thousand people is the lowest, and the price-performance ratio is more prominent.

High Mandatory: Unlike taxis, magazines and TV media, taxi advertising has low mandatory, which makes the products advertised occupy time and space, and establish and deepen the brand image of enterprises and products when the audience's sight cannot be avoided.

High repetition rate: Repetitive 24 hours a day, nearly 600 hours of effective publicity time per vehicle per month.

High effective contact rate: The advertising target groups are bound to be exposed to the advertising messages we pass in their daily work and life. No matter if there are car owners or no car owners, whether they are working or leisure time, they can see the taxi driving in front of them, which can allow advertising businesses to achieve the purpose of advertising.

1. Direct audience: The people behind the taxi or the people in the car will become the people with the most frequent exposure to advertising information.

2. Indirect audience: local resident population, foreign tourists and business personnel, and mobile people on the road.

High mobility: The unique mobility of taxis is not restricted by the region, avoiding the single line and time restrictions. It can shuttle to every corner of the town, appear anywhere at any time, and can make advertisements in a short time Dissemination is suitable for quickly increasing brand awareness. Its impact is deep, the scope is wide, the audience is large, and it is not limited by time and line. Portable advertisements can deliver information to the masses at any time and anywhere is unmatched by other advertisements. The mobility of taxis can target advertisements to propagate advertisements to specific places, so as to achieve the purpose of advertisements.

New media: Taxi has a "chasing the crowd" feature that no other media has, that is, the taxi will actively find a crowded area to stay. As a brand-new media, taxi LED advertising will surely attract great attention from the entire market and have the opportunity to form a sensational effect and obtain greater communication value. Strong visual impact: The height position of the body advertisement is exactly the same as the pedestrian's line of sight, and the advertisement information can be propagated to the audience at close range, so as to achieve the maximum visibility. At the same time, advertisements are particularly eye-catching for motorists