Taxi roof led screen market analysis and function introduction

- Apr 12, 2020-

Taxi as important for the city traffic, the number, activity, swimming in the city of permeability is incomparable, it may be said a lane pervasive, and advertising items selected key is the rate of appreciation of audience intrusive and convey plan. A taxi is a prominent carrier, to show the image of the city after the car glass wind positioned LED electronic screen, as channels of information release, to beautify the city appearance and good designs city-lighting image engineering, for rapid development of urban economy, reach to the real intention of rapid development.

Content: the information storage capacity of the screen is large, which can appeal to the public through the electronic screen the information of daily advertisements, news, policies and regulations, mass information (such as climate information), urban civilization, traffic and so on. The public welfare is especially outstanding, which is the mouthpiece of the government and the window of urban civilization.


Features: GPS taxi led vehicle screen as a media advertising things, compared with traditional advertising media, with strong activity, wide range of release, information useful to convey high rate, not subject to time and space constraints characteristics; The common propaganda effect, the low price advertisement price, will be more businessman to attach importance to, the above these characteristics have decided to take the taxi as the carrier advertisement channel will weave the media network that has the plan most in this city.


Advantage: companies and merchants use GPS taxi led screen channels for advertising, relying on the taxi with radio, television, newspapers, magazines do not have the activity, the advertising content will be forced to passers-by see; The height of taxi advertisement is equal to people's line of sight, which can convey the advertising content to the masses at close intervals, reaching the maximum visual opportunity and the highest arrival rate. Through such a channel, the company can establish its brand image, influence consumers' purchasing decisions, and reach the intention of advertising through continuous information prompts. Its outstanding role of advertising communication, not only can let the company and its products in the market for a long time to maintain the brand image, improve awareness, but also can cooperate with its strategic promotion or seasonal merchandise promotion activities.

Effect: the advertisement contains the infinite market demand and the potentiality, depending on its various resources superiority will certainly supply a kind of most valuable advertisement resource for this city numerous media and the businessman, becomes the commodity service advertisement propaganda most useful way to release. We trust, the joint advertising release method, in the taxi after the windshield, which will become a new advertising carrier of a bright spot.

New media method: GPS taxi top led screen as a brand new media, will lead to the great attention of all the shopping malls, sometimes the organization into a sensational effect, can obtain an unexpected infinite value for the company to convey.

Wide audience: all the car people, taxi people, passers-by;

High frequency of contact: in order to invent the best operating income, the taxi must automatically find the policy to spend the crowd, in the most densely populated area activity work.