Taxi Transparent LED Screen Introduction

- Apr 16, 2020-

The application of led transparent screens on glass curtain walls and glass windows is already a relatively common product, so is it possible to use it on vehicles, such as buses, taxis, etc.


Conventional in-vehicle led display screens can often be seen, but the traditional led display screen is opaque, which causes external light to be blocked, indoor light is dim, and the environment is more depressed. People in the room are blocked from seeing the outside and cannot see the outside. The vehicle-mounted led transparent screen is very necessary, the outdoor light can illuminate the car, and the people in the car can basically watch the outside situation without restrictions.

Difficulties of vehicle led transparent screen technology:


Transparent rate is better than the tranditional one

1 Power supply: LED transparent screens are powered by AC 220V to DC 5V, and the vehicle power supply is generally DC 36V or 12V. In this way, the first choice is to use DC 36V or 12V to DC 5V to supply power to the screen. The car screen is relatively mature, and the power supply technology is also very advanced. This problem is no longer a problem.

2 Screen control: The transparent screen generally adopts synchronous control and computer control screen. While it is impossible to send a computer to the car, it is necessary to use asynchronous control and use a U disk or mobile APP to control the screen. Now Nova, Xixun can also solve this technology.

3 Special-shaped customization: The size of the transparent screen of the car is different, and it is difficult to form a uniform standard size. Then it is necessary to customize according to the size of each screen body.

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