The application of large size LED screen in gym

- Aug 22, 2019-

LED screen has become a necessary facility in large modern sports venues. It is indispensable to use a large number of LED screens in major sports events. The display system of the stadium should be able to clearly, timely and accurately display the information of the sports competition, display the actual situation of the competition through multimedia technology, foil and create a tense and warm atmosphere of the competition. At the same time, the system is required to have a simple, accurate, quick, easy to operate the man-machine interface, support a variety of sports competition projects, meet the requirements of sports competition rules, easy to maintain and upgrade.

The large screen is generally divided into two parts: dot matrix and timing. The computer network control system is used for data processing, controlling the content displayed on the large screen to provide real-time information for the network system and broadcast television system. The special competition evaluation system is the basic infrastructure for all kinds of sports competitions to obtain basic scoring information.

From the perspective of its use, it can be divided into two categories. The first is the full-color LED screen, which is used to play the highlights of the match (including other matches) on the scene, or replay live wonderful close-ups in slow motion, or display the match and a certain event in the way of 3d animation.

The other is the timing and scoring screen, which is connected with the timing and scoring system of the competition and plays the players' scores and relevant materials. In the sense of competition, the timing and scoring screen is more important. Some arenas may not have video screen, but also cannot have a screen for timing and scoring. Timing and scoring screen, the key is instant accurate clear, and on this basis try to achieve vivid and stronger expression (such as animation, etc.). The scoring screen mainly displays the results, information or other information of the players in the form of text or graphics animation. Its color can be monochromatic, polychromatic, or panchromatic.

It is important to note that the gym electronic display system is a collection of various points in the design, display, graphic, banners, video, audio and other multimedia playback and athletes, sports teams, background information management for the integration of information management center, in order to effectively achieve the above work, the computer network system as electronic display system hardware and software platform, electronic screen, judging and match with the timer as a network terminal articulated in a local area network, in order to take full advantage of the Internet information management platform to share, and simplicity of the control mode, facilitate the system expansion and maintenance. In addition, the stadium has bright ambient brightness, large visual range and Angle of view, so the specifications and brightness of LED screen need to be determined according to the site situation.