The Era of LED Ultra HD Displays is Coming

- Nov 27, 2019-

People's life has been inseparable from the electronic screen, constantly require higher resolution, higher contrast, more gorgeous screen screen, in order to close to the real visual experience. Screen technology about every six to eight years to upgrade a generation, the current "ultra hd" vision era.

In a narrow sense, MiniLED is defined as the relevant screen products manufactured based on <100umLED chip, which has the advantages of better color rendering effect, higher contrast, supporting higher display pixels and having a long life. It is a better technical path in the "ultra hd" market. At present, the storage of supporting technologies such as chip, packaging and screen in the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain has been basically completed. It is only to be mass produced, applied and promoted, and the market of ultra-hd concurrency force has been completed.

According to the calculation in the next five years, it is estimated that the market scale of MiniLED direct display is expected to reach 35 to 42 billion yuan, and the market scale of MiniLED backlit display is expected to reach 10 to 15 billion yuan. The combined market demand of the two is expected to reach about 50 billion yuan, and the upstream demand of LED chips and LED beads will be greatly boosted.

In addition, MicroLED is the core solution that is agreed by the industrial chain to become the next generation of display technology. Its core definition is: LED chip size <50um. Advantages of MicroLED mainly include heterosexualization, high brightness, ultra-high resolution and color saturation, fast reaction speed, long life, etc. Compared with LCD and OLED, MicroLED has outstanding advantages. It is the upgraded version of MiniLED.

But MicroLED at present there are still many technical problems need to solve, including flip chip technology, huge amounts of heat transfer technology, crowded lead to problems such as high yield and low cost, although some manufacturers MicroLED display products, but the actual chip specifications do not meet the strict significance of Micro level, and the cost is higher also, widely accepted there is still a distance away from the market.

According to relevant research institutions, the market size of MicroLED is expected to reach 100 million yuan in 2021, among which smartwatch and other wearable devices are its main application direction. It is estimated that MicroLED is expected to maintain a growth rate of about 75% from 2021 to 2024, and the market size of MicroLED will reach 5 billion yuan in 2024. According to the market demand measurement of Mini/MicroLED, it is expected to drive the LED lamp bead market about 20-28.5 billion yuan and the LED chip market demand about 12-17 billion yuan.