The most comprehensive inventory of LED display applications

- Dec 03, 2019-

At present, led display products have only entered the Chinese market for more than 20 years, but the market has a good response, reflecting the huge demand.

The wide demand of led display screen is mainly due to its high definition color display screen, super stereoscopic feeling, static as oil painting and moving as film characteristics, and its advantages of extensive combination with intelligent devices rapidly occupy some fields of production and life, and start to launch an offensive in more fields. So where are led displays being used? What fields will it develop into in the future? Please see the following list:

One, outdoor advertising market

(1) street advertising column

Outdoor advertising is the main battlefield of led display, and as advertisers pay more and more attention to the audience's feelings, the promotion and application of small spacing led display, intelligent advertising machine and other products, led products strongly occupy the frontier market of outdoor advertising.

(2) the gas station

Gas stations have the advantages of wide coverage area, large audience size and good economic conditions of the audience, which is bound to bring greater marketing value through LED screen, and can better meet the needs of advertisers. In the future, gas stations will be a promising market in LED display industry.

(3) social media

Community led display can be synchronized by the central platform software, which can play real-time rolling weather, urban emergency information, public service ads, commercial ads, life services and other community life information, providing convenience for residents, but also can spread valuable information. As technology matures and prices fall further, led displays are increasingly used in social media.

(4) building curtain wall

According to statistics, the total area of China's modern glass curtain wall has exceeded 70 million square meters, and such a huge amount of glass curtain wall is a huge potential market for outdoor media advertising, and with the construction of media technology legs, this will be a new market for led display breakthrough blue sea.

Ii. Exhibition stage market

(1) stage

Led display enables the stage to be gorgeous and dynamic, while allowing the audience to watch the stage from a distance, adding color to the performance. And with the increasing number of small shows and large concerts, there will be a huge market for led displays.

(2) hotel leasing

In recent years, there is an obvious trend in the hotel industry, that is, there are more and more conferences, so the led display rental market has also become hot, and even some star hotels are considering installing fixed led display.

(3) KTV bar

LED shaped screen in the bar application, from the initial brief design to the LED screen stage and lighting perfect fit, and then to a variety of shaped screen popular, has become a segment of the market can not be ignored. Product representative: LED DJ station.

(4) playground

With the boom of tourism, public amusement places such as theme parks and amusement parks tend to use led display as a device to display various information, so it is expected to become the first choice for display devices in these places.

Iii. "smart" society

(1) smart city

In the construction of smart cities, public security, transportation and people's livelihood are closely related to the use of led display screens, which will promote its rapid development and popularize the market.

(2) video conference

The video conference system display terminal favors the small spacing led display screen, which is not only necessary for practical application, but also necessary for enterprises to improve their image through hardware facilities.

(3) smart factory

In the factory network of manufacturing industry, LED small-spacing display technology can be deployed from assembly line, workshop, all the way to headquarters system. Meanwhile, modern LED small-spacing display technology can provide 3D virtual simulation pipeline display and interactive control. Therefore, smart factory is bound to become a new field of LED small spacing display enterprises to explore.

Therefore, led display equipment has ushered in a new market explosion period, the entire industry market will become more prosperous.