The paper analyzes the factors and solutions of five full-color LED display screens

- Jul 09, 2019-

Five common factors that lead to the failure of the full-color LED display display display, strong giant color for full-color LED display display display how to do a summary.

Firstly, some parts of LED display display are abnormal, such as black screen and flower screen.

Solution: 1. Output problems: firstly, check whether the circuit from the output interface to the signal output IC is connected or short. Secondly, check whether the clock locking signal of the output port is normal. Finally, check whether the cascade output data port between the last driver IC is connected to or shorted to the data port of the output interface.

2. Check whether the abnormal screen power supply works normally;

3. Check whether there is any fault in the signal transmission line;

4. Check whether there is any problem with single module of screen body.

Second, the display screen can not display.

Solution: check whether the power supply of the electronic display is normal, whether there is 220V strong power input.

Third, the display screen display abnormal and flower screen.


1. Whether the parameters of LED control card are set correctly, and whether there are signals transmitted to the LED control card of electronic display screen;

2. Check whether the communication line is normal and whether the LED control card has signal input;

3, LED control card 5V power supply is normal;

Fourth, the video card or display does not support high resolution.


1. Restart the computer, press F8 continuously, select "safe mode" from the advanced startup menu, enter the "safe mode" to log in the system, then enter the display Settings under Windows, select the 16 color state, click "apply" button, and click "ok" button.

2, restart the computer, in Windows normal mode, enter the device manager, delete the graphics driver, restart the computer.

Fifth, the chassis heat dissipation is not good, resulting in an increase in the temperature of the video card.

Solution: eliminate heat dissipation.

Check whether the fan is running normally, refuel the fan, clean up the dust in the chassis, and solve the problem of heat dissipation.