The prohibition during use of stage LED display

- Jun 25, 2019-

In previous stage performances, LED functions were simple, mainly to show video data and synchronize video images. In the stage performances at that time, stageworkers did not include it into the category of stage design, but regarded it as a big TV on the stage. Now, as an extension and supplement of the stage performance, LED enriches the content of the performance and provides the audience with information beyond the performance itself. At the same time, the audience can get rid of the single and fixed perspective through the large screen of LED display, and even see their own reaction, which forms a certain freshness in the visual sense.

Stage LED large screen LED large screen can be a image segmentation for multiple video footage broadcast, display screen can be independent, combining with the relevant background, use any combination play, big screen according to performance requirements, according to the partition and can be realized by superposition, background images according to the same picture with video signal processor played or synthesis can be done, can be shown on the characterization, text roll play, or spot, can level goes on video screen screen, Can also be up and down into the text, personality video picture, lighting, beautification of the stage background and stage ground, through software design and system control to meet the owner's requirements of other requirements, advantages, can use the frame structure design, disassembly convenient, reliable, easy to maintain the application of large entertainment venues and large events. However, convenient technical means do not really mean high efficiency, and the comprehensive utilization of high-tech means on the stage does not represent the real improvement of stage performance level. Below we will discuss the use of the LED screen on the stage with the powerful giant color taboo.

LED screens that focus on the whole and ignore the parts

Many large evening parties are held at the same time, most of them will put forward the need of broadcasting live on TV. At this point, the creative team of the party should not only consider the live performance effect of the party, but also take into account the characteristics of television transmission. In traditional stage production, television camera crews can find in the background video brightness low background or color differences as the background of the subject of the background picture, realize the unique effect of television art, but in a lot of LED display screen used today, if at the beginning of the design without considering the needs of the television cameras, final rendered images will be lack of stereo feeling, the subject and background is easy to joint and overlap, the effect of TV broadcasting will be discounted. The basic unit of a television picture is the lens of different scenes, which is simply panorama, mid-shot and close-up, while the live performance takes into account the "panorama" effect. Many creative teams often only consider the "big effect" of panoramic presentation when designing and producing the stage design, but lack the consideration of the medium scene, especially the close-up, which is needed in TV transmission.

Misuse of live scene stage LED display

The continuous upgrading of manufacturing technology, so that many production teams and organizers of the screen "hd" characteristics of love, in the creative process will be easy to go into the "penny for penny and lose big" mistake. In order to try to reflect the characteristics of hd screen, producers tend to be keen on the live video wall broadcast specially shot video as background stage. For example, in song and dance programs, a large number of images of urban landscape and humanistic life are broadcast, in order to achieve the combination of artistic interpretation of the program and screen reality, but the results are counterproductive. Stage shows the pursuit of a high sense of form, colour, light, formation, for long, and most of the live action of the video, the film is too colorful, as a main stage background, it will show on the stage in the form of a deduction bring huge damage, let the audience not to be able to "see" and "don't know what to see" mixed and disorderly feeling, originally used in the design of strengthening program effect, finally also brings huge impact to the viewers, also violated the basic principles of stage design service for the show.

Misuse of LED screens to destroy lighting effects

The gradual reduction of the production and use cost of LED screen makes many creators blindly pursue the concept of "panorama video stage design". In the stage design, LED screen is widely used. Even more, all stage scenes are replaced by LED. However, many creators have ignored the fact that LED display screen can easily bring huge light pollution to the stage. When the stage is designed and made and the overall lighting synthesis is carried out, it is too late to regret. In the overall design of the program, lighting plays a huge role. It can make the whole stage present a magical sense of space and hierarchy, making the overall visual presentation more rich and interesting. In the traditional stage design, the only light source is the lighting system. With the cooperation of the director, lighting engineer and choreographer, the unique stage space can be created by using the light.