This is a full set of Front Service LED Display smart home application conjecture

- Jan 25, 2019-

Front Service LED Display Control System Intelligent products Toilets, showers, washing machines, and sinks are all user-friendly. The screen is smooth and transparent, which can sense the user's physical changes and usage requirements. The setting of the living room is not only beautiful and warm, but also intelligent sofas, smart TVs, smart dining tables, etc., which have unexpected functions. The smart sofa can automatically move and deform according to the mind; the smart TV can switch the viewing mode at will, K song, watch movies, play The game gives you a new high-tech luxury experience; the smart dinner table can display the world's food on the desktop Front Service LED Display, and you can pick a variety of delicious food stores. The smart kitchen has a smart Front Service LED Display hood, which keeps the food away from the fumes; the smart rice cooker can monitor the temperature of the food in the pot and display it on the screen, which can be seen at a glance.

The smart kitchen also has a lot of smart kitchen utensils to meet the various needs of users. In addition, there are many Front Service LED Display control system intelligent devices in the entire smart home room, each with unique intelligent functions, and inductive contact with each other to maintain the intelligent environment of the entire room. This is a complete set of Front Service LED Display smart home application conjecture, of course, users can choose which products they like, and they can also be used perfectly.

Business application intelligent application Front Service LED Display products can be used in many aspects. In addition to home applications, business applications have gradually expanded in recent years, such as outdoor advertising, intelligent transportation, sports events, arts and sciences. In the field of outdoor advertising, there have been media to make bold assumptions. By 2050, outdoor advertising will adopt a virtual presentation mode, and all outdoor information will be completely personalized, addressable, and one-to-one. Machine-to-machine communication replaces machine-to-person communication. All advertising partner construction, advertising information setting, display mode time and price will be completed by intelligent machines.