Transparent Led Display

- Jun 17, 2020-

With the rapid development of urban construction, the transparent LED display is light and thin, does not require a steel frame structure, is easy to install and maintain, and has good permeability. It can be said to be a good display carrier for glass curtain walls.

The application of transparent led display screen not only has no sense of violation, but also reflects its fashion and beauty, but also full of modernity and technicality. Transparent led display screens are currently very suitable for display based on glass curtain walls. It displays the cool video on the transparent led display screen, which can greatly attract the attention of passengers, thereby enhancing the brand image and product appeal. Can promote business sales, therefore, LED transparent display is one of the very popular LED display screen products on the market. It is mainly used in commercial complexes, shopping centers, 4S shops, display windows, glass curtain wall engineering and other fields.

1. Market demand

With the continuous development and progress of LED display screens, people have higher and higher requirements for outdoor advertising media, while traditional advertising light boxes, posters and other traditional media have been unable to meet the requirements, so outdoor high-definition LED display stands out and successfully becomes New trends in the development of new media.

Under this background, the transparent led display has gradually occupied the market demand, especially occupying an increasingly important position in the application field of glass curtain walls. At the same time, in the urban planning and construction, led transparent display is more popular with the construction of glass curtain wall projects, which can make the engineering buildings stylish, colorful, modern and technological, giving people a unique expression.

Second, the advantages of transparent LED display

1. Extremely transparent: 85% transparency ensures the lighting requirements and viewing angle range of the lighting structure between the floor, glass curtain wall, window, etc., and ensures the original lighting perspective function of the glass curtain wall.

2. Simple, plug and play, no steel structure, easy to install, save a lot of installation and maintenance costs, indoor installation and indoor maintenance is extremely simple.

3. Lightweight and simple: does not take up space, the thickness of the main board is thin, the display weight is only 15Kg/㎡, and can be directly pasted on the glass curtain wall without changing the building structure.

4. Realistic effect: unique display effect, because the led display background is transparent, it can make the advertising image suspended on the glass curtain wall, with good advertising effect and artistic effect.

3. The role of market size

The application scenarios of transparent led display screens have been extended to large-scale glass curtain wall engineering buildings and home glass windows. Currently, they are becoming larger and larger in the sales market, becoming a new hotspot for the development of new media.

In the application of this transparent led screen technology, it has the advantages of 65%-95% transparency and 1.0mmPCB thickness. The current product can be easily installed behind the glass window, and the panel specifications can be customized. The product does not affect the indoor lighting rate, so it also has the benefits of installation and maintenance.

Today, transparent led display screens have opened up new application scenarios in the sales market and still have broad market prospects.

As far as the industry is concerned, adapting to new market trends is a new outdoor media resource. LED transparent display screens used in city buildings, airports, car showrooms, financial institutions and brand chain stores including glass windows have good advertising market value.

In mass customization, the technical quality of transparent LED display products also needs to be strictly checked. Judging from the products launched in the existing market, the transparency of the transparent display has been very high.

After reaching 95%, it can not only ensure the lighting requirements and viewing angle range between floors, glass curtain walls, windows, etc., but also have a good heat dissipation function. The installation and maintenance of the product launch completely changed the limitations of the traditional LED display on glass. Although high transparency happens to be the biggest advantage of transparent screens, on the contrary, the cost of increasing transparency is that the enlargement of the dot pitch will affect the clarity and display of its pictures. How to achieve large-scale production on the premise of ensuring the display quality of the transparent LED display screen requires more companies to improve.