What are the advantages and values of choosing outdoor LED advertising in business districts?

- Mar 20, 2020-

The business district has become the center of the city. It is not only a major consumer of the daily life of the citizens, but also the gathering of people has also provided a driving force for economic growth. Metaphor. It is also because the business district gathers huge consumer traffic with high consumption. When advertisers choose to advertise in outdoor LED advertising spaces in the business district, what are the unique advantages and values?

First, the value of outdoor LED advertising space in the business district:

Take the Taikoo Li commercial district of Chunxi Road in Chengdu as an example. In 2019, the two major commercial districts will bring in 10 billion yuan in total performance. The commercial districts are mainly luxury goods and high-end clothing shops. Behind this overall performance is supported by high-spending people. By placing outdoor LED advertising space in the business circle, the value brought is a target audience with high consumption, and the quality of the audience is stronger than outdoor advertising spaces in other regions.

Second, the advantages of outdoor LED advertising space in the business district:

It is undeniable that the business circle of each city is the place where the most concentrated people flow. The average person flow is hundreds of thousands per day. These data mean that the advertising space in the business circle has a very high exposure. For brands that place outdoor advertising, the more people they cover, the more potential target audiences. It is the main appeal of advertisers, and this is where the advantages of outdoor LED advertising in commercial areas lie.