What are the requirements for the production and manufacture of LED display screens in vehicles

- Jul 16, 2019-

LED on-board display is different from ordinary LED display. LED on-board display has higher requirements. Due to the large vibration of the vehicle in driving, it has higher requirements on the shock resistance of the on-board display and stricter requirements on the manufacturing process of LED display.

1. Vibration affects the poor contact of virtual welding part of LED components, the poor contact of signal connection line, the flatness of cabinet assembly, and the waterproof of cabinet module. The design of anti - vibration is an important part of LED display screen.

2. The LED on-board panel is powered by a generator, and the screen USES low energy consumption to reduce the load of the generator.

3. LED on-board display is often driven outside, so it is hard to avoid stormy wind and rain, which requires high waterproof performance of the screen.

4. As the position of the fixed LED display screen is determined in advance, the brightness of the LED display screen can be determined according to the position. The position of the vehicle-mounted screen varies during driving, and it will often be used in the light environment. Therefore, the LED vehicle-mounted screen must have a higher brightness, so as to display a better effect.