What is good LED to Full Color LED Display

- Mar 14, 2019-

Generally speaking, the full color led display is composed by great quantity of LEDs. With the frequently on and off, and watching from viewing distance, the led display shows images. Currently, out of home is still the mainstreim market of led displays. And according to the industry statistical analysis, the outdoor led display takes 40% market, and we could anticipate that in near future, the full color led displays would be seen everywhere on the streets. 

But what is good LED to those full color led displays? If you'd like to learn further about the quality of the full color led displays, we could start with 5 aspects of its quality and specification.

1. The malfunction rate. Since the led display is composed by huge quantity of RGB LEDs, each color LED's defection would influent the visual performance. And according to the industry experience, from the led display assembly to the 72hours ageing test, the malfunction dot rate should be not higher than 1/10000.

2. The antistatic ability. From the last pages, you'd find LEDs are very sensitive to the static. And generally speaking, to the good LEDs and under the test of "static electricity on human body", the malfunction voltage should not lower than 2000V.

3. The attenuation factor. The attenuation speed is determined by the LED chip, encapsulation material and technology. To adjust the good LED, with the current input of 20mA and 1000 hours, the attenuation of red led should be smaller than 10%, the blue and green led should be smaller than 15%. The accordance attenuation of red, green, blue color influent very much on the led display's color performance, after running for a long period.

4. The brightness. The brightness of LED is the key factor to decide the brightness of led display screen. Usually with the same current input, the higher brightness, the more stable screen. But what to be noticed is, if the brightness of LED is determined, the smaller viewing angle, the LED seem brighter; the bigger viewing angle, the LED seem darker. So we must consider both the viewing angle and the brightness. For outdoor led display, usually we require 110 degree viewing angle, and based on that, we will need the brightness to be higher. And to the different pixel pitch, viewing distance, we will find the balance of them all.

5. The accordance. Each pixel of full color led display has the RGB LED. So each the LED's brightness, wave length's accordance determines the led display's accordance of brightness, white balance, and the chromaticity. And as the professional led display manufacturer, we require the vendors supply 5nm wavelength range, and 1:1.3 brightness range LEDs. And we would test strictly about this, to produce good quality full color led displays.