What is the LED display control card?

- Oct 28, 2019-

LED display control card is the core component of LED graphic display, which is responsible for receiving the picture display information from the computer serial port, placing the frame memory, and generating the serial display data and scanning control timing required by LED display according to the partition drive mode. LED display screen effect is related to it.

What are the categories of LED display control CARDS?

Can be divided into single and double color control card, color control card, full color control card three categories

What should I pay attention to when using LED display control card?

Different brands of control CARDS and corresponding installation software are different. The same brand also divides the different model, the function difference is very big. Small area of monochrome screen commonly used simple non-partition control card, cost-effective; And the area is a bit bigger can use divisional control card, the price is a few higher.

What are the connection methods of LED display screen control card?

Control card and computer connection: network port (TCP/IP), serial port (RS232, RS485), usb transmission, GPRS wireless connection, Zigbee wireless connection and other main ways.

How to select LED display screen control card?

First of all, understand the specification and size of LED display, calculate the number of points, know the effect you need, is synchronous, or asynchronous, need not need secondary development; Then, determine synchronous asynchronous, determine the effect, determine the point range, determine the price range, determine the card; Control card to choose the right, not necessarily high price, good quality is suitable. Is the software right for you and your customers?

What if I can't find the LED display control card?

1. Verify that the control card is compatible with the software.

2. Check whether the connecting cable is loose and loose. Check and confirm that the serial line used to connect the control card is matched with the control card. Some control CARDS are used for direct connection (2-3, 3-3, 5-5) and some control CARDS are used for direct connection (2-3, 3-2, 5-5).

3. Ensure that the control system hardware is properly powered up.

4. Compare the control card software and the control card selected by yourself to select the correct product model, the correct transmission mode, the correct serial port number, the correct baud rate and set the address bit and baud rate on the hardware of the control system correctly according to the dial code switch diagram provided in the software.

5. If the above check and correction still fails to load, please use the multimeter to measure whether the serial port of the connected computer or control system hardware is damaged. To confirm whether the computer manufacturer or the control system hardware should be sent back for testing.

6. If step 5 is not convenient, please contact the manufacturer to provide technical support