What kind of LED outdoor screen can withstand the summer sun exposure?

- Jul 01, 2019-

With the continuous development of technology, LED display has been widely used in life, but not everything is as expected. The display of LED display often has the problem of protection level during use. What are the performances of LED outdoor screen? Can you withstand the sun exposure? Next, the well-known domestic LED display manufacturers and everyone's science.

Many customers are worried about this problem, and the LED display is certainly good. But spending so much money on installing a led display outdoors can't stand the feng shui sun and rain, it feels very worthless.

Yes, it is reasonable to have such concerns. Outdoor led displays generally have a large area, so they are still very heavy. Installed in the outdoor led display, the home page needs attention is the structural design. The installation structure should take into account: wind, earthquake, load and other major factors; secondly, the shape, structure, and exterior design of the screen should be coordinated with the building or environment to which it depends; in addition, consider local environmental factors, such as Air humidity, air salt and alkali content (seashore city) and so on. But despite this, the early outdoor led display manufacturers predicted a 50,000-hour durability time that was not realized.

      First of all, like the southern city, the outdoor continues to heat, ultraviolet exposure. The led display itself generates a lot of heat during the operation, plus the outdoor heat and the sun. This situation gave the LED display a 15% discount on the durability time. This has undoubtedly become a major problem for outdoor LED display screens to be recognized by the market.

Second, there are new challenges in the future. In order to withstand the sun exposure, the led display must use environmentally friendly materials. After special processes, no need to fill the glue, the LED display module can achieve environmental protection purposes of being both waterproof and dustproof and UV resistant. When customers choose display products, they need to be clear about their needs for LED display screens, such as the application site of the product, environmental analysis, the expected value of the product, and comprehensive analysis of various reasons, in order to select the right product.

Finally, when the led display is working, especially after exposure to the sun, the heat generated by the screen body is high. In order to ensure that the entire display system is operating in a stable state, the research on the display heat dissipation system has a strong convection. Heat removal system. In addition, the heat conduction effect of aluminum is utilized to make the heat dissipation system more stable and reliable.