What's need to pay attention of Led display moisture protection?

- May 20, 2019-

Recently, parts of the south are still rainy and rainy. I feel that water can be squeezed out in the air. If the water vapor that is pervasive is stuck on the circuit board for a long time, it will easily cause mildew of the circuit board and cause performance failure! Therefore, in order to ensure that the LED display can shine in the wet weather, we must do the spring moisture protection work.

    With these steps, the display can easily cope with the humid environment

    1, buy a good screen

    LED display moisture-proof first step, first of all to ensure that the display has a moisture-proof function, this aspect to see how the product's strong reputation is how to do a good job of moisture-proof work.

    First of all, all kinds of incoming materials of the display screen are vacuum-packed, moisture-proof card and desiccant are placed to ensure the stable quality of the raw materials, and the storage environment humidity is controlled at a suitable 30%-60% RH.

    With these steps, the display can easily cope with the humid environment

    Secondly, in the production process, every spring, the lamp, chip, and PCB board are baked before feeding to ensure drying.

    With these steps, the display can easily cope with the humid environment

    A three-anti-painted PCB board with a reflective protective layer on the surface

    Finally, the finished indoor unit board is placed in the PE bag and desiccant storage, outdoor display, we use high-quality moisture-proof lamps, and spray three anti-paint on the back.

    After the whole process of moisture-proof treatment, the powerful display has excellent moisture resistance.

    2, scientific storage

    For dealers, there are two points to note about moisture storage:

    1. Store in stocks in a dry and ventilated place (recommended to be placed on the second or second floor). Use pallets or other items to raise the height and do not allow the product to directly touch the ground.

    2. After unpacking the display box, the desiccant should be placed in the whole box, and the sealing part should be sealed with tape. It should not be directly exposed to the air.

    3. Light up the moisture

    If the end user is protected from moisture in the spring, it is necessary to ensure that the LED display is illuminated at least 2-3 times per week, at least half an hour at a time. When switching the LED display, pay attention to: first turn on the screen, then turn on the screen, first off the screen. After shutdown.

    Light the screen on wet days to help protect against moisture

    Choose the screen and use the correct moisture-proof method to make your display look perfect without fear of wet weather.