Why choose taxi led screen advertising?

- Apr 14, 2020-

1. Media advantages

Enterprises should choose target platforms and publicity positioning strategies based on their own characteristics. We choose a market segment and carry out a relatively large amount of publicity efforts. In this way, you can learn from each other's strengths and avoid shortcomings, start a positive contest with market leading brands, and take advantage of your own vast coverage. It is a must-have platform for your company to increase its visibility on the road to development.

    Taxi advertising has reached a certain scale in the market, and the efficiency is very high, and now with the increase in national income levels, people are also increasingly pursuing money and taste in a natural state of life, and so far, Taxi has become a must for people traveling.

2. Electronic advertising-immediate and news:

The information storage capacity of the screen is huge, and daily advertisements, news, policies and regulations, public information (such as weather information), city culture, transportation and other information can be appealed to the public through the electronic screen at any time. Its public welfare is particularly prominent and is the government ’s Mouthpiece, the window of urban civilization.

3. The sharpness of the media, day and night visibility:

Why "Neon" is admired by business is characterized by its vividness and night vision. Traditional print ads lost their charm at night. "Human vision is sensitive to bright objects at night." As a "loyal to duty" media, the electronic display screen serves the society day and night, brightens the city, and lights up the city. It is really "flowing neon lights and dazzling advertising screens."

 4. Easy operation and diversified use:

"Wireless taxi LED advertising screen" can input and control information through remote wireless mode; the diversification of its information input brings great convenience to users.

5. Market effect

In the current domestic advertising media market, the "wireless taxi LED advertising screen" is still in the development stage. This new media is popular among the advertising industry because of its novel features of immediacy, flexibility, mobility, distinctiveness and wide coverage. attention. Under the commodity economic environment, the commercial advertising operation pays most attention to "audience rate" and "attention". It can be said that this demand for attention economy gave birth to the birth of this product.

6. Beautify the city image, flowing neon lights

The taxi electronic screen uses high-brightness light-emitting tubes, which are bright and dazzling at night. Vehicles are driving on the bustling streets like gorgeous ribbons to decorate the city at night.

7. Higher cost performance

According to statistics, there are 160 taxis per taxi per day, and 600 taxis in the city, which means that its daily audience exceeds 100,000 people. There are about 60,000 to 80,000 private cars and government and corporate cars in the city. However, their road traffic rate is one-third of the proportion of taxis, so your company ’s publicity rate for this group of people reaches 80%. And to ensure that your advertising audience is of high quality. This not only saves marketing costs and improves the visibility of your alliance in the region. The cost is relatively low compared to others, and the probability is relatively high in a relative time.

8. Simultaneous advertising warnings to prevent security

The taxi advertising screen has added GPS satellite positioning and early warning for help. When an accidental robbery occurs, the driver activates the alarm switch, the screen immediately interrupts the advertisement, and the flashing "I am robbed, please call the police!" Message, indicating that the vehicle is in a dangerous state At the same time, the alarm information preset in the screen is sent to your background GPS supervision center or public security 110 to provide a protective barrier for the driver's safety.