100 Billion Led Video Display Market Is Coming, Are You Ready?

- Dec 12, 2019-

In recent years, with the traditional LED video display market demand has become increasingly saturated, and the niche demand increasingly diverse, professional development, such as industry products and solutions, enhance strength, especially the small spacing of diligence, commercial display of the "big cake" is also more open to the LED video wall industry, commercial display applications including finance, education, health, tourism, media, transportation, community and other fields, it has brought to show market huge opportunities for development, according to the third party report, according to data by 2020, with the advent of wisdom city, maker of the size of the market will be close to 100 billion yuan.

The commercial display market has great potential to accelerate innovation for leading led video display enterprises


At present, as the dealer show market further outbreaks, as well as the growing of the market, LED display screen for many enterprises of high growth space, especially itself has the development innovation capacity and market power of leading companies, they can focus more industrial resources, focus on the forefront of LED video display technology, improving the quality of service, market share first to get more business.

At the present stage, the new LED commercial display technology represented by small spacing has been gradually diversified and applied to commercial display on a large scale. Small spacing LED wall is gradually become the main direction of large screen, show the future innovation, especially in COB packaging technology, Micro/Mini LED LED the innovation and development, the application of transparent screen innovation, etc., to further improve the prove technology, also must upgrade to stimulate market demand, with the development of the commercial 5 g and policies to promote and high-definition LED display is significant in the field of commercial display.

Commercial display market difficulties LED display screen companies still need to work hard

However, this does not mean that LED video display companies can be at home in the commercial display market. According to statistics, the overall size of China's commercial display market was nearly 47 billion yuan in 2017, but in the current commercial display market, the penetration rate of LED products with small spacing was less than 10%, but the growth rate was as high as 78%. The deficit between growth rate and penetration rate means that LED display screen companies still have many shortcomings in the commercial display market.

First, from the aspects of technology, seeking a smaller spacing, the higher of the LED video display is industry to enter the business market to direct technology direction, but with small spacing gradually application of LED in business market, we must also solve more market pain points, such as: product reliability, high stability, easy operability, etc., especially in some professional business applications. Secondly, from the perspective of the market, compared with other commercial display products such as OLED, high-end commercial display products represented by small spacing are relatively expensive. How to further reduce the cost and improve the cost performance is a big problem to promote the popularity of LED commercial display products.

Anyway, I believe that with the further outbreak of the commercial display market and the higher growth space provided by the market for the LED video display industry, as long as the screen enterprises give full play to their technology, products and market advantages, they will be able to share the dividends of the industry development.